Acta Botanica Sinica Volume 31 Issue 2, Pages .
Studies on the Relationship Between Photosynthesis and Nitrogen Fixation in the Symbiotic System of Soybean and Nodule Bacteria( Rhizobium)

Xu Da-quan, Shen Yun-gang, Wang Shu-jin and Zhang Xian-wu

The relationship between photosynthesis of soybean and nitrogen fixation of the nodules by symbiotic Rhizobium was studied. The contents of total nitrogen and chlorophyll, the net photosynthetic rate and seed yield of soybean were much higher in either hydroponically cultivated or field-grown plants inoculated with Rhizobium B16ĘC11C (or Clark nodulating strain) than in control without inoculation (or Clark non-nodulating strain). These results show that the symbiotic nitrogen fixation has a beneficial effect on photosynthesis. However, the effect was indirect and slow so that there was no change in the net photosynthetic rate of the soybean leaves until three clays after removing nodules from the soybean roots. On the other hand, decreasing the photosynthate supply to nodule by shade, defoliation or shoot removal of the soybean, the nodule activity declined significantly. It seems that the supply of photosynthate to root nodule is a limiting factor for symbiotic nitrogen fixation. However, the diurnal variation of the nodule activity could not be explained by change neither in the contents of sucrose and starch of the root nodules nor in the ambient temperature. The factor controlling the diurnal variation deserves further study.

Nodule activity; Net photosynthetic rate; Diurnal variation; Symbiotic nitrogen fixation; Supply of photosynthate



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