Acta Botanica Sinica Volume 44 Issue 3, Pages 349-353.
Antitumor Alkaloids Isolated from Tylophora ovata

ZHEN Yue Ying, HUANG Xue Shi, YU De Quan, YU Shi Shan*


Four phenanthroindolizidine alkaloids, named tylophoridicine A (1),tylophorinine (2),O methyl tylophorinidine (3) and tylophorinidine (4), were isolated from the roots of Tylophora ovata (Lindl.) Hook. ex Steud. Using modern NMR techniques including NOESY and 1H-NMR line broadening effect experiments, CD spectra and MS analysis as well as chemical methods, their structures were identified as (13aR)-6 –hydroxy-3,7-dimethoxy-phenanthroindolizidine (1),-(13aS,14R)-14-hydroxy-3,6,7 –trimethoxy-phenanthro-indolizidine (2), (13aS,14S)-14-hydroxy-3,6,7-trimethoxy -phenanthroindolizidine (3), and (13aS,14S)-6,14-dihydroxy-3,7-dimethoxy phenanthroindolizidine (4) respectively. Compound 1 is a new compound, compounds 2-4 are obtained from this plant for the first time. Compounds 1, 3 and 4 showed strong antitumor activities.


甄月英  黄学石  于德泉  庾石山*


从卵叶娃儿藤(Tylophora ovata (Lindl.) Hook. ex Steud.)根中分离得到 4个菲骈吲哚里西丁类生物碱,分别为tylophoridicine A (1)、娃儿藤宁(2)、氧甲基娃儿藤定(3)和娃儿藤定(4).经波谱分析并结合化学方法鉴定,其结构分别为:(13aR)-6-羟基-3,7-二甲氧基菲骈吲哚里西丁、 (13aS ,14R)-14-羟基-3,6,7-三甲氧基-菲骈吲哚里西丁、(13aS, 14S)-14-羟基-3,6,7-三甲氧基-菲骈吲哚里西丁和(13 aS,14S)-6,14-二羟基-3,7-二甲氧基-菲骈吲哚里西丁.化合物1为新化合物,化合物2-4为首次从该植物得到的化合物.经药理筛选,化合物134显示很强的抗癌活性.

关键词 卵叶娃儿藤 菲骈吲哚里西丁类生物碱 tyl ophoridicine A 娃儿藤宁 氧甲基娃儿藤定 娃儿藤定 抗肿瘤

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