Acta Botanica Sinica Volume 30 Issue 1, Pages .
Studies on Plant Regeneration from Mesophyll Protoplasts of Solanum tuberosum L.

Li Geng-guang and Zhang Lan-ying

Protoplasts from potato mesophyll of two strains (Solannum tuberosum L. cv. Xiao Yie Zi x Duo Zi Bia and Solanum tuberosum L. cv. Wu Meng 601) were induced to callus in culture medium of protoplasts. The callus derived from mesophyll protoplasts were transferred to MS medium with 2 mg/l ZT+0.1 mg/L IAA. Shoots regenerated from the callus were detected after 70 days of culture.The shoots which had grown to a height of 2ĘC3 cm were transferred to MS medium with 0.05 mg/L NAA. Roots were coming out in a few days.Complete plantlets were achieved. Stern segments with 1ĘC2 leaves were then transferred to a mixture of sterilized soil and grown, and produced tuber.

Solanum tuberosum; Mesophyll protoplasts; Plant regeneration



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