Acta Botanica Sinica Volume 37 Issue 10, Pages .
Plant Regeneration from Protoplasts of Talinum paniculatum

Zhang Xiang-qi, Wang Xian-ping, An Li-jia, Fan Song-hua and Xiang Wei

The protoplasts of Talinum paniculaturn (Jaeq.) Gaertn. were isolated from leaves and calli. The mesophyll protoplasts did not undergo normal division and lived one week at the longest in culture. However, the callus protoplasts, cultured in P4 medium (K8p+2, 4-D 0.2 mg/L, NAA 1.0 mg/L, ZT 0.5 mg/L, coconut milk 50 mL/L, glucose 0.5 mol/L), underwent first division after 3 d of culture. The division frequency was 36.7 % after 7 d of culture. The regeneration frequencies of callus were 0.31% in liquid culture and 0.34% in double-layer culture. Shoots differentiated on regeneration media and rooted on R3 and R7 media. Mature plants were obtained 2กซ3 months after transplanting the protoplast-derived plantlets into flower pot or successive subculturing in test tubes. The results also indicated that: (1) Too long a period of callus culture in liquid medium or in solid proliferation medium was unfavorable to differentiation. (2) Low concentration of 6-BA in medium was suitable for callus differentiation. (3) GA3 promoted development of young adventitious bud. (4) Multi-effect triazole significantly strengthened sprout and root development in test tube cultures.

alinum paniculatum; Protoplast; Plant regeneration; In vitro flowering and fruiting; Multi-effect triazole



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