Acta Botanica Sinica Volume 32 Issue 10, Pages .
Chemical Constituents of Four Medicinal Lichens

Sun Han-dong, Niu Fang-di, Lin Zhong-wen, Cao Dong, Li Bo and Wu Jin-ling

In the continuing search for exploitation and utilization of lichens, we have isolated 12 compounds from 4 species of medicinal lichens used in the North-western China. Their structures were deduced from spectral and chemical evidence, and the constituents are as follows: 1. Lethariella zahlbruckneri (DR.)Krog, atranorin (1), ethyl haematommate (10), methyl -orcinolcarboxylate (8), (C)-placodiolic acid (4). 2. Lethariella cladonioids (Nyl.) Krog. Syn., methyl -orcinolcarboxylate (8), haematommic acid (9), atranorin (1), norstictic acid (2), 8'-O-ethylnorstictic acid (3)- 3. Cladonia stellaris (Opiz.) Pouzar & Vezda, (+)-usnic acid (5), perlatolic acid (6), atranorin (1), 2, 4-dihydroxy-6-n-pentylbenzoic acid (12), 2-hydroxy-4-meth- yoxy-6-n-pentylbenzoic acid (11). 4. Dermatocarpon miniatum (L.) Mann., D-volemitol. A colour substance canarionic acid reported previously occuring in the genus Lethariella was proved to be identical with (C)-placodiolic acid.

Lichen; Lethariella zahlbruckneri; Lethariella cladonioids; Cladonia stellaris; Dermatocarpon miniatum


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