January 1953, Volume 2 Issue 1


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AHeMappeHOBa§ÁCTe§±b-Anemarrhenetum Compositae Ha CK§­OHax XyaH§ºaH§ÁB Pa§«OHe Xap§¼§ªHa
Author: T. §±. Topoeeb u B.H. §¨epHakOb
Journal of Integrative Plant Biology 1953 2(1)
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Xylotomy of the Timbers of Northeastern China-I. Dicotyledonous Woods
Author: C.H.Yu
Journal of Integrative Plant Biology 1953 2(1)
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Embryonic Differentiation in Torreya Grandis
Author: S.H.Tang
Journal of Integrative Plant Biology 1953 2(1)
    1.The order of appearance of the various regions as found in the differentiation of the embryo in Torreya is as follows: root-cap-suspensor region, epidermis (protoderm), procambium strands and root generative meristem, calyptrogen, cotyledons and hypocotyl. 2.Intercalary cell division is found simultaneously with apical cell growth in the early multicellular embryo of Torreya grandis. 3. No "groove" or "juncture zone" could .be detected in the uniseriate epidermal layer of the embryo. 4.The free apex Of .the embryo increases in volume by the cell division of the terminal central part of the embryo at an early stage. The two procambium strands and the root generative meristem are initiated from this group of dividing cells. 5.The shoot apex is not differentiated even at the stage of seed shedding. This fact shows that the embryo is still immatured during the stage of shedding. And thus ii the seed will 'be used for propagation, the storage conditions must be peculiary considered.
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A study on the Growth and Development of Garlic
Author: Shu-Hsien Lee
Journal of Integrative Plant Biology 1953 2(1)
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