JIPB Announces 2012 Impact Factor at Press Conference

On June 25th, 2013, JIPB held a press conference to announce its newly-released impact factor and to discuss its course of development, achievements and future plans. Speakers included JIPB¡¯s Editor-in-Chief Professor Chun-Ming Liu, Secretary of the Party Committee of the Institute of Botany Professor Kang Chong, Professors of the Chinese Academy of Sciences Deyuan Hong and Zhihong Xu, Xingping Liu of the China Association for Science and Technology (CAST), Ziyuan Duan of the Bureau of Science & Technology for Development of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Chenxia Miao of the CNKI International Development & Promotion Center for Academic Journals, and Tina Wang of Wiley-Blackwell Publishing. In attendance were the Beijing Evening Post, the People's Daily Overseas Edition, China Science Daily, and Science and Technology Daily.


Professor Kang Chong began with a brief review of the progress of JIPB and congratulated the journal on its achievements. In addition, he said that the Institute of Botany is committed to supporting the journal¡¯s development.


Professor Chun-Ming Liu next introduced JIPB¡¯s history as China¡¯s oldest plant science journal, and its evolution to become a fully international journal. JIPB¡¯s impact factor for 2012 was announced to be 3.75, which is a 48% improvement compared to 2.534 in 2011, continuing the upward trajectory that the journal has enjoyed since 2005. JIPB¡¯s ranking in the Plant Science category of journals has also increased to 22nd out of 195, and it is ranked 12th among international plant science research journals and 7th among all SCI journals in China. In addition, Prof. Liu noted that 65% of JIPB¡¯s editorial board is from countries outside of China, and that JIPB¡¯s overseas authors rate has risen to 32% in the first half of 2013.


In terms of future plans, Prof. Liu announced that JIPB intends to discontinue its print edition in favor of an electronic version by 2015, and that the journal is considering becoming OpenAccess. JIPB has also recently opened its own blog, and will soon offer an iPad version for download.


Tina Wang from Wiley-Blackwell next took the stage to discuss JIPB¡¯s progress at WB. Tina said that online subscriptions to the journal have increased to 83% of all subscriptions in 2012 compared to 78% in 2011. Tina also described WB¡¯s new marketing strategy for JIPB, which will include Facebook and Twitter campaigns to increase international visibility.


Professors Deyuan Hong and Zhihong Xu noted JIPB¡¯s positive influence on and status among domestic and international plant science journals. Furthermore, they said that JIPB is deserving of its position as a leading plant science journal, and that it should continue to strive toward becoming a key medium of discourse between Chinese and international journals. Finally, Xingping Liu, Ziyuan Duan and Chenxia Miao all congratulated JIPB on its achievements.


The JIPB Editorial Office would like to thank all speakers, organizers and attendees of this event. For more information please contact us at joshfenn@ibcas.ac.cn, or jipb@ibcas.ac.cn.


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