No Page Charge until February 1st, 2014

The Journal of Integrative Plant Biology (JIPB) has been allowing authors to publish in full color online and black and white in print at no charge since February 2012. This 2 year promotion is finally drawing to a close: the current publish in JIPB in full color online and in black and white in print without any fee special offer will expire on February 1st, 2014! Any of you who may have been planning to publish your research with JIPB will do well to submit sooner than later, before the price goes back up. A charge of 300 RMB (US$ 65) for each printed page, 2000 RMB (US$ 340) for each color figure (or figure plate) will be levied on accepted manuscripts after February 2014.

The temporary two year promotion has proved to be a very popular move, and uptake of this special offer has been high. With JIPB having remained with this offer for well over a year and a half, its afforded authors an incredible opportunity to support their research publication. We urge you to publish before February 2014 to take advantage of the continuing offer.

Over the past year, JIPB's number of subscribers grew to over 14,300, and our impact factor increased to 3.75. The journal publishes five types of articles: commentaries, invited expert reviews, minireviews, new technologies, and full-length research articles. The Journal publishes in seven research categories: cell and developmental biology, functional omics and systems biology, metabolism and biochemistry, molecular ecology and evolution, molecular physiology, plant-environmental interactions, and  plant reproduction biology.  As ever, were very grateful for all the support and encouragement weve received and will continue in our efforts to bring you the best in plant biology research that will improve discoveries around the world. Many thanks, and stay tuned for future announcements and promotions.




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