Professor Li-Xin Zhang

Research Center of Photosynthesis
Institute of Botany, Chinese Academy of Sciences
Nanxincun 20, Fragrant Hill
Beijing 100093, China
Tel: +86-10-62836256; Fax: +86-10-82599384
Area of expertise: Photosynthesis
Editor until: Dec. 31, 2018

Selected Publications:

  •  Chi W, Li J, He B, Chai X, Xu X, Sun X, Jiang J, Feng P, Zuo J, Lin R, Rochaix JD, Zhang L (2016)DEG9, a serine protease, modulates cytokinin and light signaling by regulating the level of ARABIDOPSIS RESPONSE REGULATOR 4. Proc Natl Acad Sci USA 113: E3568–3576
  •  Guo H, Feng P, Chi W, Sun X, Xu X, Li Y, Ren D, Lu C, David Rochaix , Leister D, Zhang L (2016) Plastid-nucleus communication involves calcium-modulated MAPK signalling. Nat Commun 7:12173
  •  Xu X, Chi W, Sun X, Feng P, Guo H, Li J, Lin R, Lu C, Wang H, Leister D, Zhang L (2016) Convergence of light and chloroplast signals for de-etiolation through ABI4-HY5 and COP1.Nat Plants. 2:16066
  •  Chi W, Feng P, Ma J, Zhang L (2015) Metabolites and chloroplast retrograde signaling. Curr Opin Plant Biol 25: 28–32
  •  Mao J, Chi W, Ouyang M, He B, Chen F, Zhang L (2015) PAB is an assembly chaperone that functions downstream of chaperonin 60 in the assembly of chloroplast ATP synthase coupling factor 1 Proc Natl Acad Sci USA 112: 4152–4157
  •  Wei Chi, Baoye He, Nikolay Manavski, Juan Mao, Daili Ji, Congming Lu, Jean David Rochaix,Jörg Meurer, Lixin Zhang. RHON1 Mediates a Rho-Like Activity for Transcription Termi
  •  Chi W, He B, Manavski N, Mao J, Ji D1 Lu C, Rochaix JD, Meurer J, Zhang L (2014) RHON1 Mediates a Rho-Like Activity for Transcription Termination in Plastids of Arabidopsis thaliana. Plant Cell 26: 4918–4932
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  •  Chi W , Sun X , Zhang L (2012) The roles of chloroplast proteases in the biogenesis and maintenance of photosystem II . Biochim Biophys Acta 1817: 239–246
  •  Ji DL, Lin H, Chi W, Zhang L (2012) CpLEPA Is Critical for Chloroplast Protein Synthesis Under Suboptimal Conditions in Arabidopsis thaliana. PLoS ONE 7: e49746
  •  Chi W, Sun XW, Zhang LX* (2013) Intracellular signaling from plastid to nucleus Annu Rev Plant Biol 64:101–102 (invited review)
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  •  Xiao JW, Li J, Ouyang M, Yun T, He BY, Ji DL, Ma JF, Chi W, Lu CM, Zhang LX* (2012) DAC is involved in the accumulation of the cytochrome b6/f complex in Arabidopsis thaliana Plant Physiol 160: 1911–1922
  •  Ji DL, Lin H, Chi W, Zhang LX* (2012) CpLEPA is critical for chloroplast protein synthesis under suboptimal conditions in Arabidopsis thaliana PLoS ONE 7: doi: 101371
  •  Sun XW, Feng PQ, Xu XM, Guo HL, Ma JF, Chi W, Lin RC, Lu CM, Zhang LX* (2011) A chloroplast envelope bound PHD transcription factor mediates chloroplast signals to the nucleus. Nature Commun 2:477
  •  Ouyang M, Li XY, Ma JF, Chi W, Xiao JW, Zou MJ, Chen F, Lu CM, Zhang, LX* (2011) LTD is essential for sorting of LHCP to the chloroplast SRP pathway Nature Commun 2: 277
  •  Chi W, Mao J, Li Q, Ji DL, Zou MJ, Lu CM, Zhang LX* (2010) Interaction of the pentatricopeptide-repeat protein DELAYED GREENING1 with sigma factor SIG6 in the regulation of chloroplast gene expression in Arabidopsis cotyledons. Plant J 64: 14–25
  •  Sun XW, Ouyang M, Guo JK, Ma JF, Lu CM, Adam Z, Zhang LX* (2010) The thylakoid protease Deg1 is involved in photosystem-II assembly in Arabidopsis thaliana Plant J 62: 240–249
  •  Wei LL, Guo JK, Ouyang M, Sun XW, Ma JF, Chi W, Lu CM, Lixin Zhang* (2010) LPA19, a PSB27 homolog in Arabidopsis thaliana, facilitates D1 protein precursor processing during PSII biogenesis. J Biol Chem 285: 21391–21398
  •  Cai WH, Ma JF, Chi W, Zou MJ, Guo JK, Lu CM, Zhang LX* (2010) Cooperation of LPA3 and LPA2 is essential for photosystem II assembly in Arabidopsis. Plant Physiol 154: 109–120
  •  Sun XW, Fu TJ, Chen N, Guo JK, Ma JF, Zou MJ, Lu CM, Lixin Zhang* (2010) The stromal chloroplast Deg7 protease participates in the repair of photosystem II after photoinhibition in Arabidopsis Plant Physiol 152: 1263–1273
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  •  Peng LW, Ma JF, Chi W, Guo JK, Zhu SY, Lu QT, Lu CM, Zhang LX* (2006) Low PSII Accumulation1 is involved in efficient assembly of photosystem II in Arabidopsis thaliana Plant Cell 18: 955–969
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