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  Plant vascular biology (1)
      Issue Editors: William J. Lucas and Chun-Ming Liu
      Published in May 2017, Volume 59 Issue 5

  Plant Biotic Interactions
      Issue Editor: Plant Biotic Interactions
      Published in April 2016, Volume 58 Issue 4

  Root Architecture
      Issue Editor: Leon V. Kochian
      Published in March 2016, Volume 58 Issue 3

  Translational Plant Biology
      Issue Editor: Dabing Zhang
      Published in November 2015, Volume 57 Issue 11

  Plant Cell Wall
      Issue Editors: Kurt Fagerstedt and Anna Kärkönen
      Published in April 2015, Volume 57 Issue 4

  Organelle Motility
      Issue Editor: Tobias I. Baskin
      Published in January 2015, Volume 57 Issue 1

  Metabolomics and Metabolic Biology
      Issue Editors: Xiaoquan Qi and Dabing Zhang
      Published in September 2014, Volume 56 Issue 9

  High-throughput Phenotyping for Breeding
      Issue Editors: Li JS, Wang JK, Araus JL and Parry MAJ
      Published in May 2014, Volume 56 Issue 5

  Mineral Nutrient Sensing and Signaling
      Issue Editors: William J. Lucas and Leon V. Kochian
      Published in March 2014, Volume 56 Issue 3

  Receptor-Like Kinases
      Issue Editors: Jia Li and Frans E. Tax
      Published in December 2013, Volume 55 Issue 12

  Cell Polarity and Development
      Issue Editors: Remko Offringa and Jrgen Kleine-Vehn
      Published in September 2013, Volume 55 Issue 9

  Cotton Genetics and Genomics
      Issue Editors: Yu-Xian Zhu and Fu-Guang Li
      Published in July 2013, Volume 55 Issue 7

  Ubiquitination and Sumoylation
      Issue Editors: Giovanna Serino and Dr. Qi Xie
      Published in January 2013, Volume 55 Issue 1

  Organelle Biology
      Issue Editors: Jianping Hu and Chris Hawes
      Published in November 2012, Volume 54 Issue 11

  JIPBs 60th Anniversary
      Issue Editor: Chun-Ming Liu
      Published in October 2012, Volume 54 Issue 10

  Leaf Senescence
      Issue Editors: Hong Gil Nam and Hai-Chun Jing
      Published in August 2012, Volume 54 Issue 8

  Methods in Crop Molecular Breeding(2)
      Issue Editors: Martin A. J. Parry, Jiankang Wang and Jose Luis Araus
      Published in May 2012, Volume 54 Issue 5

  Methods in Crop Molecular Breeding(1)
      Issue Editors: Martin A. J. Parry, Jiankang Wang and Jose Luis Araus
      Published in April 2012, Volume 54 Issue 4

  Transgenic Crops and Food Security
      Issue Editors: Wei-Cai Yang and Jianmin Wan
      Published in July 2011, Volume 53 Issue 7

      Issue Editors: Li-Jia Qu and Yunde Zhao
      Published in June 2011, Volume 53 Issue 6

  Bioenergy Plants
      Issue Editors: Martin Parry and Hai-Chun Jing
      Published in March 2011, Volume 53 Issue 3

  Bioenergy Plants
      Issue Editors: Martin A.J. Parry and Hai-Chun Jing
      Published in February 2011, Volume 53 Issue 2

  Plant Metabolic Biology
      Issue Editor: Shan Lu
      Published in October 2010, Volume 52 Issue 10

      Issue Editor: Congming Lu
      Published in August 2010, Volume 52 Issue 8

  Frontiers of Integrative Plant Biology
      Issue Editors: Katie Dehesh and Chun-Ming Liu
      Published in April 2010, Volume 52 Issue 4

  The Plant Cell Surface
      Issue Editors: Anne-Mie C. Emons and Kurt V. Fagerstedt
      Published in February 2010, Volume 52 Issue 2

  Plant Vascular Biology and Agriculture
      Issue Editor: William J. Lucas
      Published in January 2010, Volume 52 Issue 1

  Plant Reproduction and Fertility
      Issue Editor: Mengxiang Sun
      Published in August 2009, Volume 51 Issue 8

  Crop Biology
      Issue Editor: Chun-Ming Liu
      Published in January 2009, Volume 51 Issue 1

  Plant Responses to Climate Change
      Issue Editors: Scott A. Heckathorn and Jiquan Chen
      Published in November 2008, Volume 50 Issue 11

  Abiotic Stresses in Plants
      Issue Editors: Qi Xie and Zhizhong Gong
      Published in October 2008, Volume 50 Issue 10

  For the 75th Anniversary of the Botanical Society of China
      Issue Editor: Chun-Ming Liu
      Published in July 2008, Volume 50 Issue 7

  Water Saving in Agriculture
      Issue Editors: Zheng-Bin Zhang and Jianhua Zhang
      Published in October 2007, Volume 49 Issue 10

  Plant Cell Biology
      Issue Editors: Zhenbiao Yang and Bo Liu
      Published in August 2007, Volume 49 Issue 8

  Rice Breeding and Functional Genomics
      Issue Editors: Hong Ma and Kang Chong
      Published in June 2007, Volume 49 Issue 6

  Frontiers of Plant Molecular Biology
      Issue Editors: Chentao Lin and Hong Ma
      Published in January 2007, Volume 49 Issue 1


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