JIPB's 2016 Impact Factor: 3.962

The JIPB 2-year SCI impact factor (IF) is 3.962 (8% increase as compared to last year, Fig. 1), and the 5-year IF is 3.956, according to the 2016 Journal Citation Report. Among 211 SCI-indexed Plant Science journals, worldwide, JIPB ranks 24th (top 9.95%, Q1 category). Total citations to JIPB articles in 2016 was 3,773 (12% increase as compared to 2015, Fig. 2). Over the last 9 years, the JIPB impact factor has increased 4.6 times (see Fig. 1). In addition, among 188 SCI-indexed journals published in China, in all categories, JIPB is now ranked 20th.

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Figure 1. 2-year impact factor Figure 2. Total cites
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Personnel Changes in JIPB

Co-Editor-in-Chief: William (Bill) J. Lucas

Prof. William (Bill) Lucas was appointed as Co-Editor-in-Chief of JIPB, from March 1, 2017 to December 31, 2018, following official authorization by both the Botanical Society of China and the Institute of Botany, Chinese Academy of Sciences. He has served as Chair of the Department of Plant Biology at UC-Davis (2006 to 2016), is an Academician of the France Academy of Sciences, and served as Assigning Editor for The Plant Cell (2006 to 2015). He is well known for his expertise in the areas of intercellular and long-distance communication in plants.

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New Senior Editors

Four colleagues have joined the JIPB Board as Senior Editors (SEs): Prof. Uwe Sonnewald, at the Friedrich-Alexander University, Erlangen-N��rnberg, Germany leads the theme of Metabolism and Biochemistry, and Prof. Liwen Jiang, at the Chinese University of Hong Kong leads the theme of Cell and Developmental Biology. Additionally, JIPB recently established two new themes. Prof. Martin Parry from Lancaster University in the UK will lead the new theme of Photosynthesis and Crop Physiology, and Prof. Hailin Jin, from the University of California, Riverside, USA, will lead the other new theme of Plant-Pathogen Interactions.

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Uwe Sonnewald Liwen Jiang
Martin Parry Hailin Jin
2017 Key Events

The JIPB 2017 Editorial Board meeting was held from July 20 to 22 in Shenzhen, China

JIPB's 2017 International Board Meeting was attended by 38 editors, 4 staff members, 1 invited expert and 2 staff from Wiley Press. Chun-Ming Liu chaired the morning session of the Editorial Board meeting on July 21. The honored guest, Prof. Zhi-Hong Xu, the former President of Peking University gave welcoming remarks in which he highly praised JIPB for its recent great achievements, and emphasized the importance of JIPB in collaboration and capacity-building in the plant sciences. Two reports were then presented, the Chief Editor��s report by Chun-Ming Liu, and the Wiley Publisher��s report by Tina Wang. Both reports addressed recent developments and challenges faced by JIPB. Discussion sessions followed, co-chaired by Chun-Ming Liu and Bill Lucas, and resulted in many decisions and the development of important action items, all of which will enhance the capacity of JIPB to work with our authors and the plant sciences community to advance basic and applied knowledge in this important field of endeavor.

JIPB Sponsored Conferences

JIPB plays an active role within the plant sciences community. In 2017, JIPB sponsored the American Society of Plant Biologists Annual Meeting, held in Honolulu, Hawaii, USA (June 24 to 28, 2017), the XIX International Botanical Congress, convened in Shenzhen, China (July 23 to 29, 2017) and the Chinese National Congress of Plant Biology, held in Chongqing, China (October 9 to 12, 2017).

Special Issue: Plant Vascular Biology and Sexual Plant Reproduction

Plant Vascular Biology Cover Image Sexual Plant Reproduction Cover Image

In 2017, JIPB published two Special Issues focusing on Plant Vascular Biology (Volume 59 Issue 5 and 6) and Sexual Plant Reproduction (Volume 59 Issue 9). The Special Issues on Plant Vascular Biology (I and II) were co-organized by the two JIPB Co-editors-in-Chief, Profs. William J. Lucas and Chun-Ming Liu. These issues included 5 reviews and 4 research articles covering such topics as resource allocation, inter-organ communication and defense, and evolution of the monocot cambium. The issue on Sexual Plant Reproduction was co-organized by JIPB Editors, Profs. Li-Jia Qu and Meng-Xiang Sun. This issue included 2 letters to the editor and 8 research articles focusing on major progress of sexual plant reproduction from China, aiming to provide a comprehensive update on studies in this field. For more information and to read these Special issues, please use the following links.

Read More Plant Vascular Biology (I); Plant Vascular Biology (II); Sexual Plant Reproduction.

Upcoming Special Issues

JIPB is proud to announce the upcoming Special Issues on Genomics-assisted Germplasm Improvement in Rice (organized by Qian Qian) to be published in January 2018, on Cell Signaling (organized by Jia Li ) to be published in the May issue of 2018, and on Barley and Wheat Biology (organized by Thorsten Schnurbusch) ) to be published in the October issue of 2018. More information is available at: http://www.jipb.net/news.aspx?id=280, http://www.jipb.net/news.aspx?id=287 and http://www.jipb.net/news.aspx?id=288

Qian Qian Jia Li Thorsten Schnurbusch
Special Offer for Authors

All invited articles in Special Issues are published without page charges to authors. If authors wish to have their articles as open access (OA), a 50% discount will be offered ($US 1,250).
In addition, 50% discount ($US 1,250 per article) will be applied to allow an LTE to be published as OA.

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