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Establishment of Optimized Eco-productive Paradigm in the Farming-Pastoral Zone of Northern China

TANG Hai-Ping, ZHANG Xin-Shi*   


The farming-pastoral zone of northern China plays a dual role in ecological conditions and production and occupies an important position in the national economy. In this paper, the methodology of system engineering is introduced to construct and optimize an eco-productive paradigm system for the typical areas of the farming-pastoral zone. The system was constructed in the following steps: (1) design the framework of the paradigm system based on the data of physical site characteristics, biocommunities, production and economy, social culture and historical changes; (2) analyze the vegetation patterns, the interactions between vegetation and environmental factors (natural, social, economic, etc.) and the con-tributions of vegetation to the area, including the synthesis of the existing researches; and (3) provide the spatial arrangements of ecosystems and planning of each area, raise a comprehensive indicators of evaluation, evaluate the feasibility and soundness, and determine the optimum eco-productive paradigms for policy-makers which were land-use patterns within the threshold of ecological conservation. Three primitive paradigms of Maowusu (Mu Us) Ssandy Land, Loess Plateau and Huailai Basin in the farming-pastoral zone of northern China were proposed according to this paradigm system.

中国北方农牧交错带优化生态- 生产范式体系构建
唐海萍 张新时

(1. 北京师范大学中国生态资产评估研究中心,北京师范大学资源科学研究所,北京 100875;
2.中国科学院植物研究所, 北京 100093)
摘要: 中国北方农牧交错带的生态、生产双重功能决定了其在国民经济发展中的重要战略地位。将系统工程方法论引入对农牧交错带的研究中,构建典型区域内优化的生态- 生产范式体系。在建立自然环境要素、生物群落特征、生产与经济以及社会文化和历史变迁四大基本数据库的基础上确定范式体系并设计框架;之后以数学模型和方法为手段分析范式所涉及的植被和其所处的自然、社会环境以及经济等各因素的相互作用的过程和格局及其对区域的贡献,包括对前人工作的综合集成;最终以各种遥感图件、地形图等为基础给出不同范式点的剖面结构图、规划图及说明,设计综合的评价指标体系对范式的可行性、科学性等进行评价择优,为决策者提供优化的生态-生产范式,也就是生态保育阈值内最优的的土地利用格局。最后,给出了农牧交错带内选取的3个范式点的剖面图,建立了范式的初步框架。
关键词: 农牧交错带;系统工程;生态- 生产范式体系

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Key words: farming-pastoral zone, system engineering, eco-productive paradigm system

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