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Cloning and Expression Pattern Analysis of Nitrogen-Starvation-induced Genes in Rice

CHEN Qing-Shuang, YI Ke-Ke, HUANG Guo, WANG Xiao-Bing, LIU Fei-Yan, WU Yun-Rong, WU Ping*   

  • Published:2003-08-15


To understand the regulation system of nitrogen (N)-starvation in higher plants, a cDNA library from N-starved rice (Oryza sativa L.) seedlings was constructed using rapid subtraction hybridization (RaSH) procedure. Through reverse Northern analysis and Northern blotting, 18 unique known genes and two unique unknown genes were identified, which were up-regulated by N-starvation in rice. The known genes are involved in several metabolisms including carbon metabolism, secondary metabolite synthesis, ubiquitylation and protein degradation, phytohormone metabolism, signal transduction, growth regulator and transcription factors. Different induced expression patterns based on spatial and temporal express ions were found for these genes. The results indicate the cross-talks between N-starvation response and various metabolisms in plants.


陈青爽 易可可 黄帼 王小兵 刘非燕 吴运荣 吴平


摘要: 为了解水稀(Oryza sativa L.)对氮饥饿反应的分子与基因背景,利用RaSH策略构建了水稻氮(N)饥饿诱导cDNA文库。通过反向Northern筛选该文库,获得氮饥饿诱导的18个功能已知基因和2个功能未知基因。这些已知基因涉及碳代谢、次生代谢产物合成、蛋白质分解代谢、激素代谢、信号转导、生长调控过程及转录因子。这些基因表现出不同的时空表达模式。研究结果表明了植物对氮饥饿反应涉及互相关联的多种生理与分子机理,提供了相关的一些基因信息。
关键词: 水稻;RaSH;基因表达;氮饥饿

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