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J Integr Plant Biol, 1994, 36 (9): -, Research Article
Culture of Cotyledon and Hypocotyl Protoplasts from True Potato Seedlings in Solanum tuberosum L.
Dai Chao-xi and Sun Shun-di
Culture of protoplast using cotyledon and hypocotyl as the donor tissue from true potato seedlings (TPSs) of 3 breeding lines (DTO-33, ND 860-2 and BN 9815-3) of Solanum tuberosum L. was studied. The cotyledons and hypocotyls of TPSs just extended were excised and digested in an enzyme solution containing 1 % cellulase and 0. 5 % macerozyme for 17—20 h after vacuum infiltration of the tissue in the solution. The protoplasts were cultured in an improved liquid medium and transferred onto solid media for callus culture and shoot regeneration. Some factors affecting the efficiency of cotyledon and hypocotyl protoplast culture were studied. The results showed that using the cotyledons and hypocotyls as donor tissues for protoplast isolation and culture in potato, the division frequency of protoplast derived cells was significantly higher than that using the leaves and shoot-tips of the test-tube plantlets: the yield and quality of the protoplast from TPSs cultured under continuous high light intensity (3000 Ix) were much higher than the TPSs cultured under low light intensity (1000 Ix), and no intact protoplast was ever obtained from the TPSs cultured in continuous dark condition. Vacuum infiltration of the cotyledon and hypocotyl segments in enzyme solution before digestion increased protoplast yield. The yield of protoplasts from hypocotyl tissue was significantly higher than from the cotyledon, but there was no significant difference in quality between the protoplast derived from the two tissues. The significance, advantages and shortcomings of using the cotyledons and hypocotyls as the donor tissues for isolation and culture of potato protoplasts are dicussed.
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