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J Integr Plant Biol, 1995, 37 (8): -, Research Article
Isolation and Purification of Viable Sperm Cells from Stored Bicellular Pollen of Lilium davidii Duch.
Chen Zhong-ying, Zhu Guang-lian and Cao Zong-xun (Tsao T. H.)
A successful mass isolation of viable sperm cells from stored bicellular pollen of Lilium davidii Duch. was reported. When fresh pollen was cultured in BKS 15 medium, 87 % germinated in which the generative cells of the fresh pollen underwent mitosis and formed sperm cells within 28 hours. For pollen stored at -20℃ and -70℃ for 6 months, only less than 20 % germinated; but the germination percentage rose to 80 % after they have been hydrated and gradually warmed. Pollen grains of L. davidii which have been stored at -70 ℃ for 6 months, after being thawed were firstly germinated in a 15% sucrose medium for 28 hours, and then osmotically shocked with 10 % sucrose Solution. The solution was later adjusted to a final sucrose concentration of 15%. After density gradient centrifugation, 4 mL suspension of purified sperm cells with a density of 6 × 106 cells/mL were obtained at the interphase of 5%—15% percoll, with a 12% yield of viable sperm cells. The purified sperm cells had a diameter of 13—15 μm and reacted positive to fluorochrome, indicating that they have intact plasma membrane.
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