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Early Cretaceous Palynoflora from Anchow Basin, Korea

Jiang De-xin and Yang Hui-qiu   

Abstract: Fifty-nine species of fossil spores and pollen referred to 34 genera found from the Lower Cretaceous Longpan Formation in Anehow Basin of North Korea have been studied. Two species were described as new. The palynoflora of the Longpan Formation was characterized by its predominance of gymnosperms and subdominance of pteridophyta. A few primitive angiospermous pollen grains occured in the middle to upper part of the formation. Coniferae was dominant in the whole palynoflora, while Lygodiaceae and Schizaeaceae were dominant in the pteridophyta. The important species of spores and pollen comprised Cicatricosisporites dorogensis, C. subrotundus, L ygodioisporites gemmatus, Concavissimisporites asper, C. variverrucatus, C. penolaensis, Trilobosporites minor, Klukisporites variegatus, K. pseudoreticulatus, K. scaberis, Sch, izaeoisporites cretacius, S. certus, S. zizyphinus, S. gansuensis, Foraminisporis wonthaggiensis, Converrucosisporites saskatchewanensis, Densoisporites microrugulatus, Parvisaccites radiatus, Platysaccus oculus, P. gansuensis, Podocarpidites canadensis, AbietineaepoUenites minimus, Pinuspollenites insignis, Cedripites cretaceus, C. canadensis, Classopollis classoides, C. annulatus, C. minor, C. anchowensis, Cycadopites minimus, Ephedripites tarimensis, and Clavatipollenites hughesii. The palynoflora is comparable with that of the Changcai Formation of the Yanbian District of the Jilin Province of China. It is suggested that the Longpan Formation of North Korea should belong to Barremian to Aptian in age. Judging from the palynoflora, the Early Cretaceous palaeoclimate in the Anchow Basin should belong to the semi-arid type of the subtropic zone.

Key words: Barremian-Aptian, Palynoflora, Palaeoclimate, North Korea

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