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Studies on Available Caloric Content of Detritus During the Decomposition of Mangrove Kandelia candel Leaf Litter

Fan Hang-qing and Lin Peng   

Abstract: The absolute and relative contents of hydrolysis available calories (HAC), tanninfree HAC (TFHAC) and chemical available calories (CAC) of the detritus during the seasonal decomposition of mangrove (Kandelia candel (L.) Druce) leaf litter in Fujian, China was determined. Defined arbitrarily as the portion of total caloric content in detritus hydrolized with 1 mol/L HC1 for 6 h at 20 ℃, HAC is presumed to be a rough index of potential energy readily utilized by marine detritivores. TFHAC is the remaining calories of HAC devoid of tannin-attributed calories and CAC is defined as the total caloric content derived from raw protein, raw fat and soluble sugar. The results showed that in leaf litter, the seasonal mean caloric contents were 4.06 kJ/g DW or 20.85% of the total caloric content for HAC and 3.23 kJ/g DW or 16.68% of the total caloric content for TFHAC, which decreased to 1.75 kJ/g DW or 9.25% for HAC, and 1. 64 kJ/g DW or 8.20% for TFHAC in the detritus at half-life of decomposition. The difference in contents between HAC and TFHAC diminished as decomposition was progressed. The contents of CAC generally increased during decomposition, always higher than those of HAC and TFHAC, suggesting that some protein and fat in detritus are nonavailable to detritivores since they are hydrolyzed by week acid. The value of detritus HAC per unit ash-free dry weight (AFDW), as determined at the time when the detritus lost 23% of its initial weight, ranged from 16. 16 to 17.41 kJ/g AFDW and increased rapidly to a maximum of 24.00 kJ/g AFDW at 49% dry weight loss of detritus during decomposition. The detritus derived from mangrove fallen leaves had a low available caloric content and an moderate caloric value of HAC as compared with detritus of other marine plants. Finally, the relationship between HAC, TFHAC and CAC was discussed and some points of attention relevant to the application of those indices were given in relation

Key words: Mangrove, Kandelia candel, Leaf litter, Decomposed detritus, Available caloric content

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