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J Integr Plant Biol, 1999, 41 (12): -, Research Article
Change in the Concentration and Tissuelocalization of Endogenous IAA During the Regeneration of Vascular Tissues After Xylem Removal in Broussonetia papyrifera
WANG Xiang-Bin, WANG Zhen, DUAN Jun-Hua and CUI Ke-Ming
Change in the concentration of endogenous IAA was monitored with enzyme-linked immunesorbent assay (ELISA), and IAA localization in the tissues was demonstrated by means of immunogold-silver microscopy, with authors' modification, during the regeneration after removal of xylem in Broussonetia popyrifera (L.) Vent. The stimulation exerted from xylem removal produced a rapid increase of about 70% of the endogenous IAA concentration. However, the concentration decreased during differentiation of the vascular tissues. Although removal of the tree crown inhibited the regeneration of vascular tissues, the change tendency in the concentration of endogenous IAA during the regeneration remained the same as if the tree crown was intact. This suggested that rapid increase of endogenous IAA induced by wounding could be a result from a release of the combined form into free IAA. Tissue-localization showed that there were more silver-grains labelled in the rays, callus and the regenerated differentiating vascular tissue cells than in other tissues. It could suggest that the high concentration of endogenous IAA triggered the dedifferentiation of the vascular tissues after removal of xylem, and the less concentrated IAA flow could promote the initiation and activity of the regenerated cambium.
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