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J Integr Plant Biol, 1984, 26 (4): -, Research Article
The Paleocene-Eocene Palynoflora from the Tantou Basin in West Henan
Wang Da-ning, Sun Xiu-yu and Zhao Ying-niang
On the basis of palynological data the Paleoeene-Eocene palynoflora from the Tantou Basin in west Itenan are divided into three sporo-pollen assemblages. They are given ill ascending order as follows: 1. The first assemblage (Dazhang Formation) characterized mainly by the predominance of palynoforms of Ulmaeeae anal various Proteaeeous pollen, being assigned to Late Paleoeene and indicating a dry-hot climate. 2. The second assemblage (Lower part of the Tantou Formation) marked by the presence of various Triporopollenites and Tricolporopollenites, belonging to the Early Eocene. A moist-hot climate is reflected. 3. The third assemblage (the Upper part of the Tantou Formation) represented by aboundant pollen grains of saeeated elements (consisting of Pinaeeae and Podocarpaeeae) and the occurrence of Aquilapollenites pollen which plays an important part in this assemblage. It is interpreted as belonging to the middle to early Eocene. The climate was moist and warm. As indicated by the sporo-polleu assemblage the present Paleoeene to Eocene flora in the whole phytoprovienee may belong to a flora transitional from western to eastern China. In this paper the distribution of Aquilapollenites pollen and its stratigraphicai significance are also discussed and it is considered that this kind of pollen distributed in the Paleoeene of China is eertainly not redeposited. At the same time, sonm palynoforms of certain significance for delimitation of Paleoeene and Eocene are provided.
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