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Invvestigations on Early Embryogenesis of Actinidia chinensis Planch var. chinensis

An He-xiang, Cai Da-rong, Wang Jun-ru and Qian Nan-fen   

Abstract: This paper deals with early embryogenesis of Actinidia chinensis var. chinensis. 1. Ovary superior consists of 34—45 carpels. Each carpel contains 11–45 ovules. The ovule is uni-integument and tenuinucellar. The ovule is anatropous. The archesporium is formed by a single cell, and directly develops into megaspore mother cell. Sometimes the archesporium consists of 2–3 cells, but only one of them develops into megaspore mother cell and the others are degenerated. 2. The mature pollen grain is two-celled and the embryo sac belongs to olygonum type. In most embryo sacs two polar nuclei are fused before fertilization. One of the synergids was destroyed as the pollen tube penetrated into embryo sac the other one disappeared after fertilization. In most cases the antipodal cells became degenerated in fertilization process, only some remained until the first division of primary endosperm nucleus. 3. In Beijing area the double fertilization of Actinidia chinensis occurred 30–72 hours after pollination. In the fertilization one sperm fused with egg nucleus and the other sperm fused with the secondary nucleus as usual. The fusion of the secondary nucleus with sperm was in advance of the fusion of the egg nudeus. 4. The endosperm is cellular type.

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