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Observations on the Symgenesis and Dynamic Changes of Coastal Solonchak Vegetation at Jiangsu

Liu Fang-xun and Huang Zhi-yuan   

Abstract: This preliminary study attempts to make an approach to the symgenesis and dynamic changes of the hylophytic vegetation on coastal line, in general. By analysing the materials from various sources, and obtained by our own observations, the results are briefly summarized as follows: (1) The coastal solonchak vegetation along the shore line of Yellow Sea, bordering the east coast of Kiangsu province, within the warm temperate and the subtropical zones, is composed of many obligate halophtes, such as Salieornia europaea, Suaeda salsa, Suaeda glauca, etc. and some facultative hylophtes, such as Artemisia capillaris, Sonchus arvensis, Lepidium viginicum, etc., These species are naturally grouped in various plant communities frequently as belts, and responsible to differant salt concentrations and moisture. The distribution of a halophytic community generally appears to be limited by the salinity of soil. (2) Coastal solonehak phytocoenosim may be divided into following two main classes: 1. The primary seral communitis, which are generated and developed mainly on the primary bare area, contain 9 communities, such as Suaeda salsa community, Zoysis macrostachys community, etc. 2. The secondary seral communities, which are generated and developed mainly on the secondary bare area, contain 6 communities, such as Suaeda glauca community, Artemisia capillaris community, etc. (3) It is evident that the symgenesis and formation of coastal solonchak vegetation are in accordance with the course of the development of coastal solonchak. (4) Vegetational succession on coastal solonchak is caused by the decreasing salt content and increasing humus content of soil. In this paper, diagrams of successional dynamic changes have been prepared to show their close relationship between the hylophytic vegetation and the solonchak on coastal regions.

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