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The Microsporogenesis and Megasporogenesis of Soybean

He Meng-yuan, Zhou Ya-yan, Xu Zong-rao and Zhang Jia-shan   

Abstract: This article deals with the morphological aspects of the process of megasporogenesis and microsporogenesis in soybean. The tempos of microsporogenesis in different anthers of the same flowers were compared, and it has been found that at the leptone- ma, zygonema, pachynema and diplonema of the first meiotic division there appeared a certain degree of synchrony, while at the uninuclear stage of the microspore a perfect synchrony was observed. The development of different pollen mother cells within the same anther was in most cases highly synchronized. The anther in which the PMCs were found to be in the'near stages of the meiotic divisions accounts for 7% only. The megasporocyte develops later than the mierosporoeyte. It enters into the leptotene stage or diplotene stage of the first meiotic division while the mierosporocyte has already finished the process of the meiotic division. Explantation of plates 1. A section of a partieal mierosporangium, mierospore mother cells and the cells of the anther wall. × 600 2. Mierospore mother cells in zygotene stage (bouquet stage). × 600 3. Pa- chytene stage of first meiotic division. ×530 4. Diakinesis of meiosis Ⅰ, the tapetal cells begin- ning to degenerate. ×900 5. Metaphase Ⅰ. ×630 6. Anaphase Ⅰ. ×630 7. Anaphase Ⅰ. ×370 8 Interphase, two-nucleated dyad condition with no intervening cell walls formed. ×630 9. Me- taphase Ⅱ. ×630 10. Beginning of telophase Ⅱ×370 11, Telophase Ⅱ, four microspore nuclei contained within the original microspore mother cell wall. ×630 12. Uninuclear microspore, ×630

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