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Studies on the Leaf Cells of Wheat: Cell Types and their Organelles

H. C. Tuan, L. C. Hsu, W. L. Hung and P. Y. Tso   

Abstract: 1. By means of cell separation, pectinase cell separation and routine paraffin method, we studied the cell types of leaves of wheat, Nongda 183 and several other varieties. 2. We observed in all the cell types, the presence of mitochondria, spherosomes, plastids or chloroplasts, though the morphology and distribution of these organelles vary to a certain extent they do not interfere with the recognition of these cell types. 3. The plastids and mitochondria of the long cells in the epidermis are of various forms. Most of these organelles are distributed in the portion of the cell away from the leaf surface. 4. In each one of the guard cells, there are many morphologically stable, pale-colored but shining plastids. They are peculiar to the guard cells and cannot be found in any other cell types. 5. The bulliform cells are in ball and socket connection with the mesophyll cells underneath, while the organelles of bulliform cells are concentrated at the surface of the socket. 6. The number of the chloroplasts in the mesophyll cells is not quite constant. From the external morphology and the distribution of the chloroplasts, the mesophyll cells can be divided into, at least, two morphological types. 7. The outer bundle sheath cell is divided into chloroplast-prominent and mitochondria-prominent halves. This peculiar structure of the cell reveals the function and the transitional position it occupies in the leaf. This is a good example of unity of function and structure. 8. The inner bundle sheath cells can be recognized readily by the presence of prominent pits in the walls. The protoplasmic streaming of these cells is very active. Plastids and mitochondria can be seen clearly. 9. The importance of the cell types of these specialized cells and their variously shaped and distributed organelles is discussed.

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