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Biocontrol Efficacy of Three Antagonistic Yeasts Against Penicillium expansum in Harvested Apple Fruits

QIN Guo-Zheng, TIAN Shi-Ping*, LIU Hai-Bo, XU Yong   

  • Published:2003-04-15


Three antagonistic yeasts, Trichosporon pullulans (Lindner.) Diddens and Lodder, Cryptococcus laurentii (Kuffer.) Skinner and Rhodotorula glutinis (Fresen.) F. C. Harrison, selected from over 50 yeasts on apple fruits, were investigated of their biocontrol efficacy against blue mould rot caused by Penicillium expansum Link in apple fruits.T. pullulans was identified to be a new yeast antagonist and was the most effective at inhibiting blue mould rot in the three yeasts. The effects of different concentrations of the three yeasts and addition of nutrients, as well as combination with calcium on controlling blue mould rot in apples were presented in the paper. The results indicated that the higher the yeast concentrations, the more effective the yeasts on biocontrol activity. Addition of nutrients reduced the biocontrol capacity of the yeasts. Combination of 0.18 mol/L CaCl2 with C. laurentii cell suspensions could significantly enhance its effect to P. expansum in apple fruits, while the efficacy of calcium on biocontrol activity of T. pullulans or R. glutinis was not remarkable. Key words:Trichosporon pullulans; Cryptococcus laurentii; Rhodotorula glutinis; Penicillium expansum; apple; CaCl2

秦国政 田世平  刘海波 徐 勇

摘要: 从苹果果实上分离获得的50余种酵母菌中筛选出了能够有效地抑制苹果青霉病(Peniclium expansum Link) 的丝孢酵母(Trichosporon pullulans (Lindner.)Diddens and Lodder)。罗伦隐球酵母(Cryptococcus laurentii (Kuffer.)skin-ner)和粘红酵母(Rhodotorula glutinis (Fresen.)F.C.Harrison)。其中,抑病效果最好的T.pullulans是一种用于采后果实生物防治的新型拮抗菌,研究了这三种拮抗菌不同浓度处理和外加营养物质以及与钙配合使用对苹果青霉病的抑病效果。实验结果表明;酵母菌浓度越高,抑病作用越强;外源营养物质的加入削弱了酵母菌的拮抗效果;在C.laurentii 的细胞悬浮液中加入0.18mol/L的CaCl2能显著提高其抑病能力。但增加CaCl2对T.pullulans R.glutinis 的抑病效果却没有明显作用。


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