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The Inheritance and Expression of cry1A Gene in Transgenic Maize

LIU Yun-Jun and WANG Guo-Ying   

  • Published:2003-03-01


We investigated the inheritance and expression of cry1A gene in transgenic maize (Zea mays L.) by Southern blotting analysis and enzyme-linked immunosorbent assays (ELISA). The results showed that cry1A had been transmitted to progeny of transgenic maize as a single gene. Contents of cry1A insecticidal protein were significantly different among transgenic maize lines and various tissues of the same transgenic lines. High expression of cry1A protein occurred in green tissues, such as leaf and husk leaf, and low expression occurred in pith, tassel, ear pith, pollen and silk. The results also showed that the contents of cry1A insecticidal protein in leaves of transgenic maize increased with the advance of development and there was no significant difference in cry1A expression level among various generations of transgenic maize. Key words: cry1A gene; transgenic maize; inheritance; expression; insecticidal protein

cry1A 基因在转基因玉米中的遗传与表达
刘允军 王国英


通过Southern杂交、ELISA分析等方法, 研究了cry1A基因在转基因玉米中的遗传与表达.结果表明,cry1A基因在转基因玉米中呈单位点显性基因遗传.cry1A杀虫蛋白在转基因玉米不同株系中的表达量存在显著差异;在转基因玉米同一植株不同组织中的表达量也明显不同,在叶片、苞叶等绿色组织中的表达量显著高于在髓、花丝等非绿色组织中的表达量;在玉米叶片中的表达量随着发育期的推进有上升的趋势;在研究的3个转基因玉米株系中,cry1A杀虫蛋白的表达量在R2、R3、R4代之间无显著差异。

关键词: cry1A基因;转基因玉米;遗传;表达;杀虫蛋白

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