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Dynamics of Soil CO2 Profiles of Pinus sylvestris var. sylvestriformis Seedlings Under CO2 Concentration Doubled

HAN Shi-Jie, ZHANG Jun-Hui, ZHOU Yu-Mei and ZOU Chun-Jing   


The gas well system permanently installed in the soil was adopted for studying the dynamic relationship between CO2 profiles and seedling root growth of Pinus sylvestris var. sylvestriformis(Takenouchi) Cheng et C. D. Chu. The study was conducted in the Open Research Station of Changbai Mountain Forest Ecological System, The Chinese Academy of Sciences from 1999 to 2001. Four treatments were arranged in the rectangular open top chambers (OTCs): ambient CO2+no seedling, 700 μmol/mol CO2+no seedling, ambient CO2 +seedlings, 700 μmol/mol CO2+seedlings. By collecting and analyzing soil gas synchronously, it was found that the dynamics of CO2 profiles were related to the biological activity of seedlings. There were more roots distributed in the top soil and the boundary layer across soil and sand, which made more contributions to the CO2 profiles due to respiration root. Compared with the ambient CO2, elevated CO2 led to the peak of CO2 concentration distribution shifted from soil surface layer to the boundary layer as seasonally growing of seedling roots. It is suggested the gas well system is an inexpensive, non destructive and relatively sensitive method for study of soil CO2 concentration profiles.

韩士杰 张军辉 周玉梅 邹春静

摘要: 采用固定在土壤中的气井系统,监测土壤剖面的CO2动态及其与长白赤松 (Pinus sylvestris var. sylvestriformis (Takenouchi) Cheng et C. D. Chu) 幼苗根系发展之间的关系.实验研究共设4种CO2处理,分别是环境CO2浓度,无苗;CO2为700 μmol/mol,无苗;环境CO2浓度,有苗;CO2为700 μmol/mol,有苗.通过对土壤剖面CO2气体的同步采集与分析表明:土壤CO2廓线与幼苗根系的生物活性密切相关.在土壤表面及壤土和沙土的边界层中,根系分布密集,根系的呼吸作用对那两个土层CO2贡献大;随着幼苗的季节生长,与环境CO2浓度比较,CO2倍增将导致土壤剖面上CO2浓度最大区域由表面向壤土和沙土边界层的转移.本文采用的气井系统提供了一种对土壤无破坏、经济、简单并且能够用于监测幼苗地下过程的廓线研究方法.

关键词: 大气CO2倍增;土壤CO2廓线;气井;长白赤松幼苗;根系分布

Key words: CO2 doubled, soil CO2 profiles, gas well, Pinus sylvestris var.sylves triformis seedlings, root distribution

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