J Integr Plant Biol. ›› 2000, Vol. 42 ›› Issue (6): 646-648.

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The Relationship Between the Activity of Cyanide-resistant Respiration and the Expression of Alternative Oxidase in Different Organs of Mung Bean Seedlings

LI Chi-Jun, LIANG Hou-Guo, DU Lin-Fang, WANG Rui   


Twelve peptides, including eight conservative amino acid residues in the amino acid sequence of hydrophilic S helix of the alternative oxidase (AOX), were synthesized by solid-phase method. The polypeptide was coupled to αchymotrypsinogen, and the antibodies against this complex were obtained in rabbit. By using these antibodies, which were raised to immunoreact with total proteins of purified mitochondria from different organs of mung bean (Phaseolous radiatus L.) seedlings, it was found that there were two hybridizable AOX fractions in the mitochondria of mung bean seedlings. Their molecular weight was about 35 kD and 38 kD, respectively. Moreover, among the respiratory parameters obtained in hypocotyl, true leaf and cotyledon of mung bean seedlings true leaf had the highest total respiration (Vt), alternative pathway (AP) capacity(Valt) and the activity of AP (ρValt). Hypocotyl Vt and ρValt were the lowest, but its Vt was higher than that of the cotyledon. The activities of total and cyanide-resistant respiration were consistant with the analysis of Western blotting of AOX expression. The highest Vt and ρValt in true leaf were accompanied by two hybridizable polypeptides of AOX protein. The next was cotyledon Vt and ρValt with only one 38 kD hybridizable polypeptide of AOX protein. Hypocotyl Vt and ρValt were the lowest and its immunobloting band was similar to that of the cotyledon, but the expression amount of 38 kD protein was less than that of the cotyledon. The 35 kD AOX may make the main contribution to the true leaf ρValt.

李驰峻1 梁厚果1* 杜林方1 王锐2

(1.  四川大学生命科学学院,成都610064;2.兰州大学生命科学学院,兰州730000)
关键词: 抗氰呼吸;合成多肽;交替氧化酶表达;绿豆幼苗

Key words: cyanide-resistant respiration, synthetic polypeptide, expression of the alternative oxidase, mung bean seedlings

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