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Head Space Constituents of Different Varieties of Osmanthus fragrans

Zhu Mei-li, Ding De-sheng, Huang Zu-xuan, Song Zhi-ying and Lin Yiu-fu   

Abstract: This work deals with the head space constituents of different varietiesof Osmanthus fragrans. A porous crosslinked polystyrene resin (Amberite XAD-4)trap was used to absorbing the head space of fresh flowers and the constituents weredetermined by using GC, GC/MS/DS. Thus, fifty six components have been identifiedand thirty seven of them were unreported: i.e. ethyl acetate, 3-methyl butanone, 3-hydroxy-2-butanone, 5-hexen-2-one, 3,3-dimethyl hexane, undecan-6-one, myrcene, decane,limonene,αand β-ocimene, 6-methyl-3, 5-heptadien-2-one,1,6-diacetoxy-hexane,5-phen-ylmethoxy-l-pentanol,3-eyelohexene-l-methanol, ,7-dimethyl-3,5-octadiene, menthone,menthol, ethyl benzaldehyde, 2-cyclohexen-l-yl-2-methyl-5-(1-methylethenyl) acetate, 4-methyl-2-heptanol, 1,4-benzene dicarboxaldehyde, hexyl butanoate, ethyl benzoate, cin-namic aldehyde, 1,4-dimethyl-3-eyclohexen-l-ol ethanone, carvone, 2-hydroxymethyl be-nzoic acid, benzoic acid, 3,4-dihydro-l-2(H)-naphthalenone, 8,8-dimethyl-4-methylene, 1-oxaspiro-[2, 5]-oct-5-ene, 2,4-dimethyl phenyl ethenone, 1-ethoxyethyl benzene, 4,6,6-tri-methyl-bicyelo-[3, 1, 1]-hept-3-en-2-one, 1,4-phenylene bis ethanone-l,1, diethyl O-phtha-late and dibutyl-O-phthalate.

Key words: Head space, Osmanthus fragrans Lout. var. Thunbergii Makino, O.fragrans Lour. var Latifolius Makino, O. fragrans Lour vax. Aurantiacus Makino

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