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J Integr Plant Biol, 1998, 40 (6): -, Research Article
F-actin is a Nuclear and Chromosomal Component of the Meristematic Cells of Allium sativum
LI Gui-Ying and XING Miao
It is known that actin functionates in the form of F-actin. However, the presence of Factin in eukaryotic nuclei and chromosomes has not been well established. The authors labeled meristematic cells of Allium sativum L. with rabbit anti-chicken actin antibody and FITC-conjugated goat anti-rabbit IgG antibody and observed with fluorescence microscopy. Both the nuclei and chromosomes showed prominent yellow-green fluorescence, indicating the presence of actin in them. Fluorescence examination with TR1TC-conjugated phalloidin demonstrated prominent red fluorescence in the intact interphase cells, cytoplasm-free interphase nuclei, prophase and metaphase chromosomes as well as the daughter nuclei at telophase indicating the presence of F-actin; but the fluorescence was absent or very weak in the cells exposed to cytochalasin D before fixation. When double labeling of the anti-actin antibody and phalloidin was applied, the same nuclei and chromosomes were found to emanate yellow-green fluorescence representing actin at the excitation wavelength of F1TC, and red fluorescence representing F-actin at the excitation wavelength of TRITC, respectively. The FITC fluorescence and TRITC fluorescence shared the same distribution among the nuclei and chromosomes. These results indicate that F-actin is a component of the nuclei and chromosomes of the meristematic cells of A. sativum. It also suggests that F-actin may be the major existing form of actin in them.
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