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The Element Contents of Platycladus orientalis plantation in Beijing

Chen Ling-zhi, Miao You-gui, Kong Fan-zhi, Chen Qing-lang, Hu Yi-hui and Bao Xiao-cheng   

Abstract: Carbon is the most abundant element in the organs of the edificator-31 years old Platy- cladus orientalis. High content of Ca occurred in the edificator, there are plenty of N. K. Mg as well with relatively low content of P and high content of Fe. The concentration of elements is greater in leaves than int woody tissues of tree and shrub. The element accumulation in the aboveground part was higher than those in the under ground part of the tree layer, 51 percent of C was accumulated in trunks. The largest percentage of other elements was accumulated by leaves. On the contrary, in tile tree layer the element accumulation in the under ground part was larger than those in the aboveground part of the shrub layer except N accumulation. The element accumulation in the plantation reached 17,000 kg/ha for C, 400 kg/ha for Ca, 104 kg/ha for N, 87 kg/ha for K, 30 kg/ha for Mg, 11–16 kg/ha for Al, P and Fe, 2.5 kg/ha for Na, 1 kg/ha for Mn, Cu and Zn. The retention of C in the plantation was the highest among the elements. The retention in the Tree layer decreased from Ca to N. K. The retention of N in shrub layer is greater than that of Ca. The element retentions in the plantation were 2700 kg/ha, a for C, 70 kg/ ha.a for Ca. 15–20 kg/ha.a for N, K, 2-5 kg/ha, for P, Fe, Al, and Mg, 1 kg/ha.a for the others. The nutrient pool in soil showed C>Ca>N>Fe>Mg>K>P>Na >Al, Mn>Cu>Zn in order. In the same soil condition, the element enrichment factors by various plants were quite different. Usually the enrichment factors of the shrub were greater than those of the tree. The following sequence of the requirment of nutrients by plantation was shown: C> Ca>N >K>Mg >Fe>P>AI>Na>Mn >Cu> Zn.

Key words: Platycladus orientalis plantation, Element accumulation, Retention, Nutrient pool

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