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Early Cretaceous Plant Assemblage in Fuxin Coal-Basin of Liaoning Province and its Significance

Shang Ping   

Abstract: This article deals with some plant fossils in Fuxin coal-basin of Liaoning province. Their .characteristics are as follows: 1. The Fuxin flora Coniferopsida is the most important group in Fuxin flora. Its main elements includes: Elatides harrisii, E. bommeri, E. asiatica, Torreya haizhouensis, Sequoia minuba, Athrotaxiues cf. berriyi, Podocarpus fuxinensis, “Pseudolarix” sinensis, Cephalotaxopsis sp., Pityocladus sp., Pityostrobus sp., Elatocladus submanchurica, Schisolepis helongjiangebsis, etc. The next one is Ginkgopsida. In filices, Dicksoniaceae including mainly Acanthopteris gothani, A. onychiodes, Dicksonia concinna, Coniopteris saportana, etc. is also predominant. There are some other fami- lies in it such as, Schizaeaceae, Osmundaceae and Polypodiaceae. Cycadopsida constitute certain portion of the flora, such as Nilssonia sinensis, N. schaurnburgensis, Nilssoniopteris ovalis, N. prynada, N. cf. beyrichii, Otozamites longuifolius, Pterophyllum fuxinensis, etc. The plant fossils of Fuxin flora belong to early-middle assemblage of Ruffordia-Onychiopsis Flora. According to plant fossils, Fuxin flora may belong to Lower Cretaceous. 2. The Shuiquan formation assemblage Coniferopsida, Ginkgopsida, Cycadopsida, and Filicea exist in Shuiquan assemblage. Shuiquan assemblage is different from Fuxin flora and has the similar characters with Shanshong flora. Their common elements are Chiaohoella mirbilia, Cladophlebis lobulata, Eoymnocarpium sinensis, Ctenis lyrata, C. cf. burejensis, Chilinia ctenioides, Elatocladus submanchurica, Torreya? chowi, and Rhipidocladus. The Shuiquan formation corresponds roughly to the Moshilazhi formation in Jiaohe basin of eastern .Jilin Province and belongs to the early-middle Early Cretaceous. As angiosperms have not been found, the geological age of the Shuiquan formation is probably a little older than that of the Moshilazhi formation. The vertical distribution of the plant assemblage has been discussed.

Key words: Plant assemlage, Fuxin basin, Early Cretaceous

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