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A Light and Electron Microscopic Study of Anabaena volzii Lemm

Wang Mo-shan and Liang Jia-ji   

Abstract: Anabaena volzii Lemm. is a rare species of Cyanophyta. It possesses characteristics of prokary0tes. Young filaments of A. volzii consist of only vegetative cells. The filament leng- thens by the increase of its cell number owing to amitosis. A mature filament contains vegetative cells, heterocysts and akinetes; the latter two differentiate from the vegetative cells. Vegetative cells and heterocysts are short-cylindric shaped. An akinete in longitudinal sections of appear to be elliptical. Viewed with a transmission electron microscope, an electron-dense cell wall, plasmolemma, thylakoids (photosynthetic lamellae), nucleo-plasmic region and polyhedral bodies can be seen in the vegetative cell. The nucleo-plasmic region, which lacks a nuclear envelope, is surrounded or dissected, but often connected with the thylakoids. There are also some extremely electron-dense (if samples were post-fixed in osmic acid) cyanophycin granules in its cytoplasm. Heterocyst is larger than vegetative cells. Its remarkable features are a thick envelope, an electron-transparent cell wall and a distinctive plug-like body at both ends of the cell respectively. In the plug-like body is seen an irregular narrow channel. Somewhat dilated thylakoids in the heterocyst appear to be more winding and contorted (than those in vegetative cells), making a dedicate pattern. A long ellipticring-shaped membrane structure is formed in a heterocyst ,composed, of an electron-dense rod core surrounded by 14 concentric layers of lamellae. Akinete forms thick cell wall. A nucleo-plasmic region, fine and contorted thylakoids, many cyanophycin granules, and abundant ribosomes are found in akinetes.

Key words: Anabaena volzii Lemm., Cyanophyta, Ultrastrcture

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