J Integr Plant Biol. ›› 2007, Vol. 49 ›› Issue (5): -.DOI: 10.1111/j.1744-7909.2007.00441.x

• Development & Photosynthesis •    

Changes of Photosystem II Electron Transport in the Chlorophyll-deficient Oilseed Rape Mutant Studied by Chlorophyll Fluorescence and Thermoluminescence

Jun-Wei Guo, Jin-Kui Guo, Yun Zhao and Lin-Fang Du   

Abstract: The photosystem II (PSII) complex of photosynthetic membranes comprises a number of chlorophyll-binding proteins that are important to the electron flow. Here we report that the chlorophyll b-deficient mutant has decreased the amount of light-harvesting complexes with an increased amount of some core polypeptides of PSII, including CP43 and CP47. By means of chlorophyll fluorescence and thermoluminescence, we found that the ratio of Fv/Fm, qP and electron transport rate in the chlorophyll b-deficient mutant was higher compared to the wild type. In the chlorophyll b-deficient mutant, the decay of the primary electron acceptor quinones (QA-) reoxidation was decreased, measured by the fluorescence. Furthermore, the thermoluminescence studies in the chlorophyll b-deficient mutant showed that the B band (S2/S3QB-) decreased slightly and shifted up towards higher temperatures. In the presence of dichlorophenyl-dimethylurea, which is inhibited in the electron flow to the second electron acceptor quinines (QB) at the PSII acceptor side, the maximum of the Q band (S2QA-) was decreased slightly and shifted down to lower temperatures, compared to the wild type. Thus, the electron flow within PSII of the chlorophyll b-deficient mutant was down-regulated and characterized by faster oxidation of the primary electron acceptor quinine QA- via forward electron flow and slower reduction of the oxidation S states.

Key words: Chl-deficient, Chl a fluorescence, electron transport, fluorescence decay, photosystemII, thermoluminescence.

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