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To Repeat the Effects of Hormones on the Early Microspore Developments of Wheat in Vitro in Anther Culture

Pan Jing-li and Gao Gong-hong   

  • Published:1980-04-20

Abstract: 1. The normal development of pollen cells can be transformed by the exoision itself of anther culture: The second mitotic division of pollen grains has been prevented; The frequency of anomalous division of pollen grains was higher than that present in anthers in vive; The generative nuclei after the first mitosis were more or less globular in form and in their subsequent developments most of them do not become spindly-shape which is particular to the generative cells in vive. In the meantime, they show a weak staining reaction with Feulgen reagent. 2. The higher concentrations of hormones were found to enhance the frequency of abnormal division obviously. Of anthers cultured on the four N6 media added with various concentration ratios of IAA to Kinetin 2:10, 10:2, 2:12, and 12:2 mg/l. The mean percentages of abnormal pollen grains were 34.02%, 35.28%, 34.27% and 36.65% respectively. 3. The higher hormone level may promote the formation of multicellular pollen grains obviously. When the IAA concentration was raised up to 12 mg/l, the mean multieellular pollen grain yields per anther increased to 13.3 unit, while the control without hormone was only 4 unit.

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