J Integr Plant Biol. ›› 2000, Vol. 42 ›› Issue (5): 533-538.

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A New Gleicheniaceous Fern Chansitheca (Sphenopteris) wudaensis from the Lower Permian of Wuda, Nei Mongol, China

DENG Sheng-Hui, SUN Ke-Qin, LI Cheng-Sen   


Chansitheca (Sphenopteris) wudaensis sp. nov. is described based on the materials collected from the Lower Permian Shansi Formation of Wuda, Nei Mongol, China. The frond is small and at least two times pinnate. The pinnule is sphenopteroid. The sori are borne on the abaxial surface of the pinnule, arranged in two rows parallel to the midvein, elliptic,and composed of 4-10 round sporangia. The indusium is absent. The annulus is transverse and complete, and consists of about 18 thickened cells. The features of the fertile parts, sori, sporangia and annulus and the absence of indusium indicate that the new species belongs to the Gleicheniaceae.

邓胜徽1 孙克勤2 李承森3

(1. 石油勘探开发科学研究院,北京100083;2. 中国地质大学,北京100083;3.  中国科学院植物研究所,北京100093)

摘要:通过扫描电镜研究 ,建立了内蒙古中部乌达地区下二叠统山西组晋囊蕨属的一个新种Chansithecawudaensis sp .nov .。新种的小羽片Sphenopteris型 ;囊群椭圆形 ,由 4~ 10个孢子囊组成 ,着生于小羽片背面 ,位于中脉的两侧 ;环带横列于孢子囊的上部 ,完全 ,单排细胞 ,细胞数目约为 18个。这些特征表明新种属于里白科。

关键词: 下二叠统;里白科;晋囊蕨属

Key words: Lower Permian, Gleicheniaceae, Chansitheca

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