J Integr Plant Biol. ›› 2000, Vol. 42 ›› Issue (7): 736-740.

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Genotypic Effects on Androgenesis and Related RAPD Marker in Barley

SUN Hai-Peng, LU Tie-Gang, SUN Jing-San   


The ability of plants to undergo androgenesis is influenced by their genotypes, which is thus very important in anther culture response. However, little is known about the mechanism underlying genotypic effects. In this study, two barley (Hordeum vulgare L.) genotypes with different abilities undergone microspore embryyogenesis were tested. Estimation of the frequency of different pollens in anthers cultured in vitro suggested that there was no significant difference between early androgenesis of the two genotypes. Therefore, the big difference between the numbers of calli was assumed to rise after the formation of multinucleate-pollen. To find molecular markers linked to the high-frequent microspore embryogenesis, a segregated F2 population was analyzed using the bulked segregant analysis (BSA) and RAPD. Using a primer S500 (5′-TCGCCCAGTC-3′), an approximate 650 bp fragment was amplified which cosegregated with the high-frequent microspore embryogenesis. 

孙海鹏 路铁刚 孙敬三*

摘要:以具有不同花粉胚胎发生能力的两个大麦 (Hordeumvulgare L .)基因型为材料 ,对离体培养花药中不同类型小孢子频率的连续统计表明 ,两基因型的早期雄核发育过程无明显区别 ,最终出愈率 (平均每个花药产生的愈伤组织块数 )的显著差异是在小孢子形成多核花粉以后产生的。推测基因型之间胚胎发生能力的差异不受小孢子脱分化启动能力控制 ,而是由其多核花粉发育成愈伤组织的能力决定的 ,可能与细胞壁的形成有关。利用BSA(bulkedsegregantanalysis)法对F2 分离群体进行分析 ,找到一个可能与高频率胚胎发生能力连锁的RAPD标记。

关键词: 雄核发育;基因型效应;花粉胚胎发生能力;RAPD标记

Key words: androgenesis, genotypic effects, ability of microspore embryogenesis, RAPD marker

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