J Integr Plant Biol. ›› 2001, Vol. 43 ›› Issue (5): 475-479.

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In Vitro Regeneration of Style-stigma-like Structure from Stamens of Crocus sativus

ZHAO Jun, CHEN Fang, YAN Fang, TANG Lin, XU Ying   


Style-stigma-like structures were regenerated from stamens of Crocus sativus L. The age of the stamen explant has an obvious effect on the induction rate. Auxin NAA has larger effect on the induction of filament style-stigma-like structure. Auxin NAA of higher concentration can lead to higher induction rate. Temperature and light have different effects on the induction of style-stigma-like structure from anther's filament of C. sativus with exogenous hormones at different levels. Ultraviolet tests show that style-stigma-like structure from anther's filament of C. sativus contains crocin, safranal and picrocrocin, contents of which are obviously more than those contained in the style-stigma-like from style. Floral reversion was observed in the induction of style-stigma-like structure from petals, ovaries and styles.

赵军 陈放* 颜钫 唐琳 徐莺

摘要:以番红花(Crocus sativus L.)雄蕊为材料诱导培养出花柱柱头状结构,诱导率可达30%,起源于花丝基部。影响雄蕊柱头状物诱导的主要因素为外植体的发育期和生长素NAA的使用浓度。幼嫩浅黄色雄蕊适于诱导柱头状物。温度和光照在不同激素水平下对雄蕊柱头状物诱导的影响不同。紫外检测表明,由雄蕊诱导出的柱头状物含有番红花甙、番红花醛和番红花苦甙。其含量明显高于由花柱诱导出的柱头状结构。在诱导花柱、子房、花瓣的柱头状物的过程中,观察到成花逆转现象。

关键词: 番红花;雄蕊;柱头状物;离体再生

Key words: Crocus sativus, stamen, stigma-like structure, in vitro propagation

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