J Integr Plant Biol. ›› 2002, Vol. 44 ›› Issue (2): 173-176.

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Characterization of a Cyclophilin cDNA from Soybean Cells

KAN Yun-Chao, LIU Shi-Wang, GUO Ze-Jian and LI De-Bao   


A cDNA clone encoded for cyclophilin (GmCyp1 ) was isolated by RT-PCR method from suspension cultured soybean (Glycine max L.) cells. The deduced amino acid sequence was 91% identical to a kidney bean cyclophilin in the open reading frame of the gene. Results from Southern blotting analysis suggests that the GmCyp1 belong to a small gene family in soybean cells. The time course of GmCyp1 mRNA accumulation upon treatment of elicitor from yeast extract did not show significant change in the time period examined. The data suggest that the GmCyp1 was not regulated much by biotic factors. A possible role of the cyclophilin in the plant pathogen interaction was discussed.


阚云超  刘士旺  郭泽建*  李德葆

(浙江大学生物技术研究所,杭州 310029)

摘要:亲环蛋白(cyclophilin)基因广泛地存在于动植物中.在植物中,该基因受许多非生物(abiotic)因子和化合物的调节.利用RT-PCR的方法克隆了一个大豆(Glycine max L.)亲环蛋白基因(GmCyp1).该基因的氨基酸与一个菜豆亲环蛋白蛋白质序列的同源性达91%.Southern杂交结果表明GmCyp1以一小家族存在.用来源于酵母细胞壁成分的激发子处理大豆悬浮细胞,发现GmCyp1的表达在所观察的时间范围内没有明显的变化,表明GmCyp1的表达受生物因子的影响较小.

关键词 亲环蛋白基因 激发 大豆细胞

*通讯作者 Email: zjguo@mail.hz.zj.cn


Key words: cyclophilin cDNA, elicitation, soybean cells

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