J Integr Plant Biol. ›› 2002, Vol. 44 ›› Issue (8): 946-950.

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Characterization of Two Groups of Low copy and Specific DNA Sequences Isolated from Chromosome 7B of Common Wheat

LIU Zhen Lan, DONG Yu Zhu, LIU Bao*   


Recent work revealed that, in the genomes of polyploid wheat, there exists a class of low copy and chromosome specific sequences that are labile upon polyploid formation. This class of sequences was proposed to play a critical role in the stabilization and establishment of nascent plant polyploids as new species. To further study this issue, five wheat chromosome 7B specific sequences, isolated from common wheat (Triticum aestivum L.) by chromosome microdissection, were characterized. The sequences were studied by genomic Southern hybridizations on a collection of polyploid wheats and their diploid progenitors. Four sequences hybridized to all polyploid species, but at the diploid level to only species closely related to the B genome of polyploid wheat. This indicates that these sequences originated with the divergence of the diploid species, and was then vertically transmitted to polyploids. One sequence hybridized to all species at both the diploid and polyploid levels, suggesting its elimination after the polyploid wheat formation. The hybridization of this sequence to two synthetic polyploid wheats indicated that sequence elimination is a rapid event and probably related to methylation status of the sequence. Based on the above results, we suggest that selective changes of low copy sequences occur rapidly after polyploid formation, which may contribute to the differentiation of chromosomes in newly formed allopolyploid wheats.

普通小麦7B 染色体两类低拷贝专化DNA 序列的特性
刘振兰 董玉柱 刘 宝*


摘要: 研究表明,多倍体小麦基因且中存在一类低拷贝,染色体专化的DNA序列,其在多倍体形成时常表现出不稳定性,这类序列被认为在异源多倍体的建立和稳定中起着关键作用,为进一步研究这一问题,对通过染色体显微切割从普通小麦(Triticum aestium L.)中分离的5个7B染色体专化DNA序列的特性进行了研究,以这些序列为探针对大量的多倍体小麦和它们的二倍体祖先物种进行了Southern杂交分析,结果表明,这些序列可被分为两种类型:其中的4个序列与所有的多倍体物种均杂交,但是在二倍体水平上,它们却只与和多倍体小麦B基因组紧密相关的物种杂交,这说明这些序列是在二倍体物种分化以后产生的,然后垂直传递给多保体;其中的1个序列与所有的二倍体及多倍体物种均杂交,暗示在多倍体形成后这些序列从A和D基因组中消除了,用这一序分别与一个人工合成的六倍体和四倍体小麦进行Southern杂交的结果表明,序列消除是一个迅速的事件而且很可能与这些序列的甲基化状态有关,认为这些低拷贝的染色体专化序列对于多倍体形成后部分同源染色体之间的进一步分化起着重要作用。

关键词:多倍体小麦;染色体专化DNA; 序列;序列消除;DNA; 甲基化;基因组进化

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