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Productions of Taxol and Related Taxanes by Cell Suspension Cultures of Taxus yunnanensis

HU Yi-Ming, GAN Fan-Yuan, LU Chun-Hua, DING Hong-Shan and SHEN Yue-Mao   

  • Published:2003-03-01


A high taxol yield cell line of Taxus yunnanensis Cheng et L. K. Fu keeps a high taxol-producing level after successive subcultures for more than eight years. In this study, eight taxanes were isolated from the suspension cell cultures of this cell line. Based on NMR and MS analyses, and comparison with literature data and standards, their structures were determined to be 2α,5α,10β-triacetoxy-14β-propionyloxy-4(20),11-taxadiene (1), 2α,5α,10β-triacetoxy-14β-(2′-methyl)-butyryloxy-4(20),11-taxadiene (2), 2α,5α,10β-14β-tetra-acetoxy-4 (20),11-taxadiene (3, taxuyunnanine C), 2α,5α,10β-triacetoxy-14β-(2′-methyl-3′-hydroxy)-butyryloxy-4(20),11-taxadiene (4, yunnanxane) and its 3′-epimer (5), baccatin Ⅳ (6), baccatin Ⅲ (7) and taxol (8),respectively. Among those compounds, 3, 5, 6 and 7 were reported to be isolated from the suspension cell cultures of T. yunnanensis for the first time. TLC and HPLC analyses indicated that the chemical constituents of the culture solution were similar to those of cultured cells. Moreover, the highest taxol content of this cell line reached 0.3% and the cell line could be applied for a large-scale culture. Key words:Taxus yunnanensis; cell suspension cultures; taxol; taxanes


胡益明 甘烦远 鲁春华  丁鸿珊  沈月毛

(1. 中国科学院昆明植物研究所,昆明650204;
2. 北京大学蛋白质工程和植物基因工程国家重点实验室,北京 100871; 3.  福建中医学院,福州350003)

摘要:云南红豆杉(Taxus yunnanensis Cheng et L. K. Fu)的一株紫杉醇高产细胞系经过8年多的继代培养,仍保持较稳定的紫杉烷类化合物的生物合成能力.从此株紫杉醇高产细胞系的悬浮培养物中分离到8个紫杉烷类化合物,经核磁共振光谱和质谱数据分析,它们的化学结构分别是2,5,10-三乙酰氧基-14-丙酰氧基紫杉二烯(1)、 2,5,10-三乙酰氧基-14-(2′-甲基丙酰氧基)紫杉二烯(2)、 2,5,10,14-四乙酰氧基紫杉二烯(3)、 2,5,10-三乙酰氧基-14-(2′-甲基-3′-羟基丁酰氧基)紫杉二烯及其差向异构体(4和5)、巴卡亭Ⅳ(6)、巴卡亭Ⅲ (7)和紫杉醇(8).化合物3、 5-7为首次从云南红豆杉细胞培养物中分离到.定性分析表明,云南红豆杉细胞悬浮培养液中的化学成分与培养细胞中的相似.另外,此株紫杉醇高产细胞系的紫杉醇含量可高达0.3%,可用来进行大规模培养.

关键词: 云南红豆杉;细胞悬浮培养;紫杉醇;紫杉烷类化合物

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