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J Integr Plant Biol, 2003, 45 (5): 505-508, Research Article
Photosynthesis of Resurrection Angiosperms
YANG Wen-Long, HU Zhi-Ang, WANG Hong-Xin, KUANG Ting-Yun

Resurrection plants which are able to quickly reactivate after falling into a period of anabiosis caused by dehydration have been very rare among angiosperms, especially among dicotyledons whose chlorophyll content and chloroplast structure little changed in the course of desiccation, therefore has been called homoiochlorophyllous desiccation-tolerant plants (HDTs). Another type of resurrection angiosperms that lost its chlorophyll during desiccation is called poikilochlorophyllous desiccation-tolerant plants (PDTs). HDTs have been received more attention because of simplicity of protection mechanism which is much easy to the study and utilization of the desiccation tolerance of resurrection angiosperms. Recent advances in studies of photosynthesis of resurrection angiosperms indicate that photochemical activities are sensitive indicators for the study of physiological state of resurrection angiosperms during desiccation and rehydration. Photochemical activities of resurrection angiosperms are inhibited with loss of water similar to those of general plants, however, the magic thing is that they could reactivate rapidly during rehydration even losing more than 95% water. Up-regulations in xanthophyll cycle and antioxidative systems as well as preservation in integrity and stability of photosynthetic membranes during desiccation may be very important to desiccation tolerance of resurrection angiosperms. The fact that phosphate treatment in rehydration stage also strongly influences resurrection indicated importance of studies on rehydration stages of resurrection angiosperms.

阳文龙 胡志昂 王洪新 匡廷云


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