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J Integr Plant Biol, 2003, 45 (5): 509-516, Research Article
Chloroplast Genetic Engineering in Higher Plants
ZHANG Jing-Yu, ZHANG Yuan, SONG Yan-Ru

Chloroplast genetic engineering, with several advantages over nuclear genetic engineering, is now regarded as an attractive new technology in basic and applied research, including deepening our understanding of plastid genome, engineering plant metabolic system, generating transplastomic plants with higher resistance to insect, disease, drought and herbicide and bioproducing of antibodies and vaccines. In this review, the principle and operating system for chloroplast genetic engineering and its application in higher plants have been discussed.

张景昱 张女原 宋艳茹 (中国科学院植物研究所,北京100093)

摘要: 叶绿体基因工程作为一项新技术具有一系列传统核基因工程所不具备的优点 ,在基础性及应用性研究中极具吸引力 ,已经成功应用于了解质体基因组 ,调控植物代谢系统 ,农作物抗旱、抗虫、抗病、抗除草剂及以植物为生物反应器生产抗体、疫苗等方面的研究。本文主要介绍叶绿体基因工程的原理、操作体系及其在高等植物中的应用。

关键词: 叶绿体基因工程;叶绿体型转基因植株;质体基因组

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