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On Some Dispersed Cordaitean Cuticles from Cathaysian Flora in the Permian of China and Their Significance

LI Sheng-Sheng,WANG Shi-Jun, BEI Yue-Min   


Although the research on Cordaites of the Cathaysian Flora in China started early in 1883, the study of the cordaitean cuticles began late in 1991. Up to now, four types of cordaitean cuticlesin situ and three types of dispersed ones have been reported from the Cathaysian Flora in China. However compared with the Euramerican Flora, the research work on cordaitean cuticles from the Cathaysian Flora in China is much more insufficient. In this paper, three kinds of dispersed cordaitean cuticles are described in detail from the Permian coal-bearing strata in China. Among these cuticles two kinds are collected from the roof shale of Coal Seam No. A1 in Shanxi Formation (Lower Permian) in Xinzhuangzhi Coal Mine of Huainan, Anhui Province, southern border of North China Subprovince of the Cathaysian Flora in China. The third one was collected from Coal Seam No.11 in the top of Longtan Formation (lower Upper Permian) in Dahebian Coal Mine of Shuicheng Mining District, Guizhou Province, South China Subprovince of the Cathaysian Flora in China. Comparison of these three kinds of cordaitean cuticles with the known ones from the Cathaysian Flora in China and from the Euramerican Flora is made. The authors consider that they are all new types of cordaitean cuticles. The significance they bear on palaeobotany is discussed.

李生盛 王士俊 贝月敏P
(1. 中国矿业大学,北京1000832. 中国科学院植物研究所,北京100093;3. 河北省邢台市第三中学,邢台054001)

摘要: 中国华夏植物区科达植物的研究历史虽然最早可上溯至 1883年 ,但直到 1991年才首次报道其角质层构造。到目前为止 ,中国华夏植物区总共描述了 4种科达植物原位角质层和 3种分散角质层。但与欧美植物区相比 ,有关中国华夏植物区科达植物角质层的研究工作还较薄弱。本文较详细地描述了 3种产自中国华夏植物区二叠纪煤系地层中的科达植物分散角质层。其中 2种采自华北亚区南缘的安徽淮南新庄孜矿山西组A1煤顶板 ,地质时代为早二叠世 ;另一种采自华南亚区的贵州水城矿区大河边矿龙潭组顶部的 11号煤层 ,地质时代为晚二叠世早期。将这 3种科达植物分散角质层与已知的欧美植物区和中国华夏植物区的种类进行了对比 ,认为它们都是新的类型。讨论了这 3种新的科达植物分散角质层所具有的古植物学意义。

关键词: 中国;华夏植物区;二叠纪;科达类植物;角质层;新类型

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