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Rapid Constructing a Genetic Linkage Map by AFLP Technique and Mapping a New Gene]tms5

JIA Jian-Hang, LI Chuan-You, DENG Qi-Yun, WANG Bin   

  • Published:2003-05-15


In this study, we reported the repaid construction of a molecular marker linkage map of rice (Oryza sativa L.). An F2 population from the cross between Annong S-1 and Nanjing 11 was used to construct a genetic linkage map of rice. Total of 142 newly screened AFLP markers and 30 anchor markers (25 SSR markers and 5 RFLP markers) were mapped on the 12 chromosomes covering 1 537.4 cM of rice genome. The average interval between these markers was 9.0 cM. The total work which usually was finished in more than one year was finished within only 3 months by one person. This is the first plant AFLP map developed in China. A new thermosensitive genic male sterile gene in rice, tms5, was tigged and mapped onto chromosome 2 during the development of the linkage map.

用AFLP 标记快速构建遗传连锁图谱并定位一个新基因tms5贾建航李传友邓启云王斌!

摘要: 报导了一个分子标记连锁图的快速构建方法.通过对水稻(Oryza sativa L.)"安农S-1"和"南京11"的F2分离群体的AFLP分析找到了142个AFLP标记,用这142个AFLP标记以及已定位的25个SSR标记和5个RFLP标记构建了水稻12个染色体的分子标记连锁图,该图覆盖水稻基因组的1 537.4 cM,相邻标记间的平均间距为9.0 cM,这是在国内建立的第一张AFLP标记连锁图.在建立连锁图谱的同时把一个新基因tms5 (水稻温敏核不育基因)定位在第2染色体上.

关键词: AFLP;快速构建遗传连锁图;水稻温敏核不育基因tms5

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