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Identification of a Sex-Associated RAPD Marker in Ginkgo biloba

JIANG Ling, YOU Rui-Lin, LI Mao-Xue, SHI Chen   

  • Published:2003-06-15


The random amplified polymorphic DNA (RAPD) technique was used to amplify DNA fragment, aiming at finding markers linked to the sex determination in Ginkgo biloba L. One thousand and two hundred random decamers had been screened. Of the 8 372 RAPD bands, only a 682 bp RAPD marker generated by a primer (S1478) of random decamer sequence, named S1478-682, was found to be associated with the male plants. This marker was present in all male plants and absent in all female plants. Ginkgo trees collected in both Beijing and Shenyang, China were tested using primer S1478. Positive results were obtained, suggesting S1478-682 could be utilized as a reliable RAPD marker to detect the sexuality of Ginkgo.

姜 凌 尤瑞麟  李懋学 时 晨

摘要:利用RAPD技术寻找银杏(Ginkgo biloba L.)中与性别相关的分子标记.筛选了1 200个10 bp的随机引物,产生了8 372个RAPD条带.只有S1478产生一条大小为682 bp、雄性特异的分子标记,该分子标记被命名为S1478-682,出现在所有雄性植株中,而所有雌性植株都不具有该分子标记.通过在北京和沈阳种植的银杏植株的RAPD推广验证,说明该分子标记可以用来检测银杏植株的性别.

关键词: 银杏;性别决定;RAPD

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