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Pollen Record of Surface Sediments from Vertical Forest Zones of Changbai Mountain, Northeast China and Their Relations to the Modern Vegetation

SUN Xiang-Jun, LUO Yun-Li*, TIAN Jun, WU Yu-Shu   


Twenty-nine surface samples (mosses) from five vertical distribution vegetation zones in Changbai Mountain, Northeast China have been palynologically analyzed and the results were tested by correspondence analysis. The results show that, except a few samples, arboreal pollen is predominant in almost all pollen assemblages; Pinus and Betula are the main pollen types in quantities and they are found in all vegetation zones of Changbai Mountain. The highest pollen proportion of Pinus occurs in the mixed conifer and broadleaved forest where Pinus koraiensis is the main component; Betula pollen is found in high percentage in both subalpine B. ermanii forest and broadleaved deciduous forest predominated by Betula and Quercus ; in the former Betula pollen is accompanied by cold-tolerant shrub such as Rhodo-dendron ; whereas in the latter it appears a large amount of fern spores. Pollen assemblage of broadleaved deciduous forests is marked by high diversity and proportions of deciduous trees and a large number of fern spores. Subalpine conifer forest is distinguished by high percentage of Picea pollen. Although tree pollen is slightly dominated, very few or absent of fern spores and increasing of herb and small shrub pollen proportions, particularly predominance of Rhododendron in herbaceous pollen and occurrence of tundra indicator type—Dryas pollen distinguish pollen assemblages of alpine tundra.


孙湘君 罗运利 田军 吴玉书

(1.中国科学院植物研究所北京时间100093; 2.同济大学海洋地质教育部重点实验室,上海市200092)

摘要: 在长白山北坡5个垂直植被带的林下采集29个表土(苔藓)样品进行孢粉分析,同时将其结果作对应分析.结果表明,除个别样品,在长白山垂直植被带的孢粉组合中乔木花粉占优势,其中以松属和桦木属最多,在各植被带均有分布.松属花粉最高含量出现在以红松为主的针阔混交林带的孢粉组合中;桦木属花粉则大量见于亚高山岳桦林带和以栎桦为主的阔叶落叶林带,但前者伴有耐寒、早的小灌丛杜鹃花属花粉,而在后者中则见有大量蕨类孢子.阔叶落叶林带的孢粉组合是以类型多、百分含量高的落叶乔木花粉和大量蕨类孢子为特征.亚高山针叶林带的孢粉组合中出现数量众多的云杉属花粉.在高山苔原带孢粉组合中虽然乔木花粉略占优势,但极少或不见蕨类孢子,与其他植被带比较,草本植物和小灌丛花粉明鲜较多,其中杜鹃属花粉含量在草本中占优势,其中出现苔原带的指示花粉--仙女木属.

关键词: 长白山;现代表土花粉;中国东北

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