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Cloning of Potato POTHR-1 Gene and Its Expression in Response to Infection by Phytophthora infestans and Other Abiotic Stimuli

TIAN Zhen-Dong, Liu-Jun, XIE Cong-Hua*, SONG Bo-Tao   

  • Published:2003-08-15


A complete cDNA of potato Phytophthora infestans-induced hypersensitive response-related protein gene ( POTHR-1) was cloned using rapid amplification of cDNA ends (RACE) strategy according to a fragment sequence which we had cloned using suppression subtractive hybridization (SSH) technique. The potato POTHR-1 gene encodes a protein of 225 amino acids, which shares 81% identity with tobacco hin1 gene-enoded protein (harpin-induced protein). Southern blot revealed that there are two to three copies of POTHR-1 in potato genome. The POTHR-1 gene expression in potato leaves showed that its transcripts accumulated remarkably in leaves after 36 h inoculation with P. infestans. Mechanical wounding and jasmonic acid (JA) could induce the POTHR-1 gene expression and osmotic stress just induce a slight accumulation of POTHR-1 gene mRNA, while salicylic acid (SA) had no detectable function on the induction accumulation of POTHR-1 gene transcripts. The potato POTHR-1 gene may preferentially associate with hypersensitive response (HR) or biotic cell death during interaction between host and pathogen.

马铃薯 POTHR-1 cDNA 的克隆及晚疫病菌和其他非生物因子诱导表达分析

田振东 柳俊 谢从华 宋波涛


摘要: 利用RACE和重叠延伸相结合的方法,从经晚疫病菌接种诱导的马铃薯水平抗性材料叶片中克隆了一个POTHR-1基因(potato Phvtophthora infestans-induced hypersensitive response related protein gene)的全长cDNA。序列分析表明,该基因编码225个氨基酸,与烟草harpin诱导蛋白基因hinl有很高的同源性(编码区核苷酸和氨基酸序列分别为83%和81%)。Southern杂交结果显示在马铃薯基因组中有2~3个拷贝。对其诱导表达模式研究表明:晚疫病病原菌接种36h后,该基因表达迅速增加;机械伤害及茉莉酸(JA)处理能够诱导表达;渗透胁迫(NaCl浸泡)能够诱导其微弱表达;但水杨酸(SA)不能诱导表达。该基因可能和病原与寄主互作时寄主产生过敏反应及细胞生理性死亡有关。

关健词: cDNA克隆;POTHR-1基因;马铃薯;Phytophthora infestans

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