J Integr Plant Biol. ›› 2003, Vol. 45 ›› Issue (9): 1037-1042.

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Phosphorus Starvation-induced Expression of Leaf Acid Phosphatase Isoforms in Soybean

TIAN Jiang, LIAO Hong, WANG Xiu-Rong, YAN Xiao-Long*   


Leaf acid phosphatase (APase) activities of 274 soybean genotypes were surveyed under field conditions with two levels of P supplies, and a nutrient solution culture experiment with eight selected genotypes was subsequently conducted under greenhouse conditions to further characterize APase activity and its isoform expression induced by P starvation. Results from the field experiment showed that there was a great genotypic variation for leaf APase activity among the tested soybean genotypes from different origins, and APase activity in many of the tested genotypes (about 60%) was generally increased in the treatment without P fertilizer addition. Results from the nutrient solution culture experiment showed that APase activity in all the eight tested genotypes was generally enhanced by P starvation. Six isoforms of APases were detected in isoelectric focusing gels with samples from both young and old leaves. The activity of all the six isoforms was increased by P starvation, but no new APase isoform was induced. Our results suggest that leaf APase activity could serve as an enzymatic indicator of P starvation for soybean; the increase in leaf APase activity under low P stress was mainly caused by the increase in the activity of existing isoforms but not by the induction of new isoforms.

田 江 廖 红 王秀荣 严小龙
(华南农业大学植物营养遗传研究室根系生物学研究中心,广州 510642)

摘要: 通过田间试验对两种磷处理的274个大豆基因型叶片酸性磷酸酶活性进行筛选,并将其中8个进行营养液栽培试验以研究磷胁迫对其叶片酸性磷酸酶同工酶表达的影响。结果表明,大豆叶片酸性磷酸酶活性存在着明显的基因型差异,不施磷处理提高了大部分(约60%)供试基因型叶片酸性磷酸酶的活性。营养液栽培试验表明,低磷处理普遍提高了所有8个供试大豆基因型叶片酸性磷酸酶的活性。等电聚焦电泳结果表明,供试大豆基因型的老叶和新叶中均有6条酸性磷酸酶的同工酶带。低磷处理显著增加了叶片酸性磷酸酶酶带的活性,但是没有诱导新的酸性磷酸酶酶带产生。研究发现叶片酸性磷酸酶活性可作为反映大豆磷胁迫的酶学指标;磷胁迫诱导大豆叶片酸性磷酸酶活性的增加是由于已有同工酶活性的提高而不是由于特异性酶带的产生。

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