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Identification of Wheat-Barley 2H Alien Substitution Lines

YUAN Ya-Ping, CHEN Xiao, XIAO Shi-He, A K M R3 ISLAM, XIN Zhi-Yong   


The genetic constitution of fifteen materials derived from the cross wheat (Triticum aestivum L. cv. Chinese Spring (CS))× barley (Hordeum vulgare L. cv. "Betzes ) was analyzed, and six disomic alien substitution lines were screened by GISH. The chromosome configurations in pollen mother cells at meiotic metaphaseⅠ(PMCs MⅠ) of F1 from each disomic substitution line respectively crossed with double ditelocentric lines 2A, 2B and 2D of Chinese Spring were observed, and a set of wheat-barley disomic alien substitution lines 2H(A), 2H(B) and 2H(D) were obtained. The RFLP analysis with the probe psr131 on the short arm of wheat homeologous group 2 combining with four restriction enzymes were carried out. The results indicated that the probe psr131 could be used as molecular marker to tag the barley chromosome 2H. The barley chromosome 2H had good genetic compensation ability for wheat chromosomes 2B and 2D in vitality and other agronomic characters. The result of testing seed was that the wheat appearance starch quality had been changed from the half-farinaceous of CS to the half-cutin of substitution lines by transferring the barley chromosome 2H to wheat.

小麦-大麦2 H 异代换系的鉴定
原亚萍  陈 孝  肖世和  A.K.M.R.ISLAM  辛志勇
(1.中国农业科学院作物育种栽培研究所,农业部作物遗传育种重点开放实验室,北京 100081;
2.长春农牧大学,长春 130062; 3.澳大利亚阿德莱德大学植物科学系,澳大利亚)

摘要: 通过基因组原位杂交、重双端体测交及RFLP分析,解析了来自小麦品种 “中国春” (Triticum aestivum L. cv. “Chinese Spring” (CS))×大麦品种 “Betzes” (Hordeum vulgare L. cv. “Betzes”)杂种后代15份材料的遗传组成,鉴定出6个二体异代换系;对与 “中国春” 重双端体DDT2A、DDT2B及DDT2D测交的F1代花粉母细胞减数分裂中期染色体构型进行观察,同时以小麦第二部分同源群短臂探针psr131进行RFLP分析,鉴定出一套遗传稳定的小麦-大麦2H二体异代换系2H(A)、2H(B)和2H(D)。小麦第二部分同源群短臂探针psr131可作为追踪大麦2H染色体的RFLP标记。从代换系的生长势及其他农艺性状看,大麦2H染色体对小麦染色体2B和2D的补偿作用较好。通过考种观察到携带大麦a淀粉酶抑制蛋白基因的2H染色体导入小麦后,淀粉品质发生了改变,外观品质由原来“中国春” 的半粉质转变为代换系的半角质。
关键词: 小麦; 大麦; 代换系; 基因组原位杂交(GISH); RFLP

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