J Integr Plant Biol. ›› 2003, Vol. 45 ›› Issue (10): 1218-1227.

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Interspecific Transition Among Caragana microphylla, C. davazamcii and C. korshinskii Along Geographic Gradient. Ⅰ. Ecological and RAPD Evidence

MA Cheng-Cang, GAO Yu-Bao* , LIU Hui-Fen, WANG Jin-Long, GUO Hong-Yu   


The former plant population survey has shown that three genetically-related species, Caragana microphylla Lam., C. davazamcii Sancz. and C. korshinskii Kom., form a geographical replacement series in Nei Mongol Plateau. The present study on population distribution, taxonomy, morphology, development and genetic structure demonstrated that the geographical distribution of these three species was successive and in gradual change, thus forming a geographical cline which extended from the east to the west of Nei Mongol Plateau. With an analysis of climate change over time, it was considered that the formation of this geographical cline was a result of plant adaptation to its natural environment.

小叶锦鸡儿、中间锦鸡儿和柠条锦鸡儿地理渐变性Ⅰ. 生态学和RAPD 证据
马成仓 高玉葆  刘惠芬  王金龙  郭宏宇

(1.南开大学生命科学学院,天津 300071; 2.淮北煤炭师范学院生物系,淮北 235000)

摘要: 植物种群调查结果证实,小叶锦鸡儿(Caragana microphylla Lam.)、中间锦鸡儿(C.davazamcii Sancz.)和柠条锦鸡儿(C.korshinskii Kom.)在内蒙古高原形成地理替代分布。种群分布、分类、形态、生长发育和遗传结构研究结果表明,小叶锦鸡儿、中间锦鸡儿和柠条锦鸡儿地理替代分布是连续的、渐变的,三个种在内蒙古高原自东向西形成一个地理连续渐变群。分析内蒙古高原的气候变迁和小叶锦鸡儿、中间锦鸡儿及柠条锦鸡儿的地理替代分布状况认为,小叶锦鸡儿、中间锦鸡儿和柠条锦鸡儿地理替代分布是适应环境演化的结果。
关键词: 小叶锦鸡儿;中间锦鸡儿;柠条锦鸡儿;地理渐变性;形态学;分类学;RAPD

通讯作者。 E-mail: <ybgao@nankai.edu.cn>。

Key words: Caragana microphylla , C. davazamcii , C. korshinskii , interspecific transition along geographical gradient, Morphology, Taxonomy, RAPD

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